My 2 person 57lp barefoot spa


Reviewed by: Ryan from Bedford, MA
Rating: 5.0
Barefoot spas 57LP
57LPswim spa
Barefoot Spa 57LP
barefoot 57LP hot tub


My 2 person 57lp barefoot spa


The price and the features we got from our barefoot spa 57lp are worth it. We bought one back in 2001 which was our first one. It was not working for over 5 years, and we just replaced it. The 57lp is a smaller size, but perfect for us.

One thing I did not think I would like is the lights. They go all around the sides and down on the bottom, and they change color. They are actually really nice, especially at night time. The entire spa gets lit up like a light show.

Other thing to note, is the power of the jets. My old one was more than twice the size, and no where near the pressure coming from the jet sin this hot tub. Very very nice to get that deep tissue massage especially on my legs. My wife enjoys the corner seat with the neck jets. They are also incredible.

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