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Reviewed by: Rich from Jersey City, NJ
Rating: 5.0
Barefoot Spas 57LP review
barefoot spa 57LP hot tub
Barefoot Spas 57LP
5 Stars
Barefoot Spas 57LP review
Barefoot 57LP Barefoot Spas 57LP:

I purchased the Barefoot Spas P series 57lp in October of 2017. My wife and I follow the suggested maintenance schedule and recommendations thoroughly. The only time I have shut it down is one summer when we were on vacation in Europe. We change the water out once a year and the filter once every 6 months. This has been the only maintenance. The balance of the water PH gets a little off when I fill it, but then it evens out with the help of some PH up. Our chlorine usage has been minimal as suggested.

My wife and I both love to use the spa year round and we’ve found the winter time to be the most enjoyable. Nothing like going out in the cold and relaxing in the hot water. We’ve even been out in the snow a few times. During the hotter months like July, we still use it but not as much. We typically keep the heat turned down and only use it in the evenings. I don’t mind it being hot in the summer but my wife prefers to have the heat almost all the way off in the summer. THe nice thing is you can change that as you see fit.

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