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Reviewed by: Colby from Chesterfield, VA
Rating: 4.5
Barefoot Spas review
barefoot spa factory
Barefoot Spas 57LP
Barefoot Spa Factory
Barefoot Spas 57LP
Barefoot hot tub factory Barefoot Spas 57LP:

We went to the barefoot spa factory last weekend to buy a hot tub, and we found the barefoot spa 57LP on clearance. We did the tour of the assembly line, met several workers there, and we even got to see some of the hot tubs being built, and all the steps that are involved.

It was a very impressive facility. They make hot tubs and also swim spas. It all starts with a special oven where they put a large acrylic sheet to heat up and form to a mold. We got to see a 15 foot swim spa in the oven. Very very cool. After that, they reinforce it with fiberglass, drill holes, etc. We didn’t get to see all of that because you have to wear a special suit I’m guessing because of the fiberglass and the smell was in the whole building. I feel sorry for the people that work there! Good news is they all look like they were wearing the proper safety gear. They even made my wife and I put on a helmet when we walked out to the assembly line.

We liked the idea of a swim spa, but we have no where to put it. We just don’t have enough room. At the Barefoot spa factory we got to see a lot of spas, but we decided to go with the smaller 57LP. It is the same size as our old one, but like I said, AM MAJOR UPGRADE. We didn’t get to see it filled up with water when we bought it, but we got it hooked up and filled up a few days ago, and the spa is very nice! The biggest difference from our other one, is the comfort of the seats in the spa. The jets on the legs are placed perfectly to help with my knee pain, and my wife with her pain she gets in her hips. There is also A LOT of pressure behind the jets. It is almost too much when you turn it up all the way. I like it on full blast, but the wife likes turning it down a bit which I was happy to discover is actually quite easy to do.

We got a great deal on the spa buying direct form the barefoot spa factory, and we recommend anyone else in the Richmond area doing the same. They don’t always open doors to public, but right now due to COVID-19, they are selling right from the facility on Fort Darling rd. If anything else, it was a really cool experience learning how hot tubs are built. We just happened to be in the market, and we found one that is perfect for us. Highly recommend checking our barefoot spas if you have the time.

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