Our barefoot spa review


Reviewed by: Gabriel from McAllen, TX
Rating: 5.0
spa by barefoot hot tub 57LP
Spa review 57LP
Barefoot Spas 57LP
Our barefoot spa review
hot tub
barefoot spa Barefoot Spas 57LP:
We like having the barefoot spas 57lp hot tub. We use it more in the winter. we really like getting in there to get warmed up. The summer time we use it some, but not nearly as much as winter.

Other thing we like is the size. Its a small one, but it’s perfect for us. We really like the features too. some friends of ours have a smaller one as well. That is actually where we got the idea to get this one, but their’s doesn’t have nearly as many features. We noticed the barefoot 57P has more power in the jets, and it has really bright LED lights and their’s doesn’t.

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