The 57LP by barefoot spas


Reviewed by: Eugene from Crab Orchard, WV
Rating: 4.0
Barefoot Spas 57LP
Barefoot spas
Barefoot Spas 57LP
The 57LP by barefoot spas
Barefoot Spas 57LP hot tub
57LP spa Barefoot Spas 57LP:

We received a discount for a barefoot spa at a hot tub and pool show. It was a good deal when you look at what we paid for our old spa. It was too long without one (3 years), so we decided we wanted one again.

The smallest one they had there is what we liked. It is a 2 person, and its called the 57LP by barefoot spas. It has 4 seats but its really only for 2 adults. Plenty big enough for my wife and I. We do wish we have a little bit bigger one sometimes becuase my grandkids always want to get in and splash around. Theres really not enough room for everyone.

The spa seems very well made. IT is very sturdy and seems efficient in terms of energy usage. The associate that came to the house to move the hot tub in the sunroom was very talented, and well equipped. He had the whole job done by himself in about 45 minutes. I cant imagine now moving the spa by myself. I know I would damage something in the process.

The cover has these little buckles that lock down the cover to the spa. We had an issue where we were missing one of the buckles. They took quite some time to ship us a new one. When it arrived, I decided to install it myself without any trouble.

The 57LP by barefoot spas is great for water massage and relaxation, and its small size is perfect for the two of us. Our old hot tub was great. We got over 8 years of use out of it. We hope to get a long life and a lot of use out of this spa as well.

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