What I love about my barefoot spa 57lp 2 person hot tub


Reviewed by: Kayla from Jonesborro, AR
Rating: 5.0
Low maintenance spa
hot tub 2 person
Barefoot Spa 57LP
57LP model spa


What I love about my barefoot spa 57lp 2 person hot tub

I have been around hot tubs all my life, and I’ve owned several. When you suffer from Rheumatoid arthritis, you don’t have much of a choice!

The hot tubs I’ve owned over the years have luckily gotten better with each one. With the 57LP, I have found the perfect combination of size, features, comfort, and usability.

I know about barefoot spas becuase my sister has had one for a few years. Hers is much different than mine; much bigger, and a little more basic in terms of features, but she loves it nonetheless. I enjoy it from time to time when I visit with her in Tennessee.

When I decided to replace my artesian brand hot tub with something a little smaller, a hot tub show just happened to be in town. After arriving at the show, I learned most of the hot tubs on display were barefoot spas. Being that I am only slightly impressed with my sister’s spa, I was quick to leave. Then, a salesman completely wowed me with 57LP spa in the P-series product line.

The barefoot spa 57LP is all around wonderful. Particularly, with the combination of size, and features. LED lights, state of the art ozonator, shoulder jets, and extremely powerful therapy jets were a knock out for me. I have never seen a hot tub of this size so loaded with ALL of the features I want. I am beyond satisfied with the performance and required upkeep thus far.

The installation went smoothly, and becuase I bought one at the show a floor model, they delivered it to my home (for free) within days.

I am very happy I have a smaller sized hot tub with powerful jets that actually fits on my back patio. I thought for sure I would be stuck with a sub standard quality hot tub with my size restrictions. Thanks to barefoot spas for making a top notch, beautifully designed, low maintenance, hot tub. I honestly feel as though it is made for me. It took owning 3 hot tubs in the past to finally find the perfect hot tub for me and my needs!

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