Are barefoot spas any good?

Reviewed by: Jonah from Broomfield, CO
Rating: 5.0
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Are barefoot spas any good?

I do not own a Barefoot spa, but I am looking at one. Are Barefoot Spas any good? The reason I ask is I see a lot of good reviews online, and some other ratings that are good, but I don’t know anyone who has one. I am looking at the 77LM model. I have a couple questions about it. If anyone on here can help me, that would be greatly appreciated.

Chase lounge seat in hot tub:

I just moved to Colorado from Maryland. At my old house, I inherited a Hot Springs sovereign model. As far as we can tell it was about 15 years-old when we moved in. We lived there for 6 years. So that would make it somewhere in the 1998-1999 range. We really liked it except for the chase lounge seat. My wife and I both enjoyed the massage on the legs, and the floating sensation when you lay back in the lounge, but sometimes, I would float too much! My wife always floated and she had to try and hang on to stay in place. As a result, she would hardly ever use the lounge seat which is a shame because she has lower back pain, and we read lounge seats in hot tubs are best for lower back.

The barefoot 77lm has more jets on the lounge for legs and feet, but does that mean we will float more? I read the newer style lounges, you don’t float as much. Is this true? I would appreciate any feedback from current owners of the 77LM as we don’t care to hear a story form a salesman. We are just looking for real advice.


Our old hot springs had an ozonator, but I don’t think it was working. I read about HOCD ozone and how it almost completely eliminates the use of chlorine. I heard a lot of people are happy with it, and we would be too because we know the chlorine is not healthy for skin. Does the barefoot spas ozone system really work? I’m sure it doesn’t COMPLETELY remove ALL use of chemicals, but I guess I’m just trying to get an idea of how much we would need use. I also read it depends on how often you use the hot tub. We plan to use ours at least five times a week.

Thank you to any willing Barefoot spas owner for answering the following questions: Are barefoot spas any good? How do you like the lounge seat? Does the ozonator really work?

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  1. Hi Jonah! We have a Barefoot Spas and we love it! We have the 77NP model which is similar to the 77LM, but it does not have lounge. I can tell you the ozonator works really well. We put chlorine in the spa about once a week, and its just a small amount. I’ve gone a month without adding any, and water stays clear, and results on test strip stay within range.

  2. We recommend the lounge seat! My wife has problems with restless legs. It has helped her tremendously especially right before sleep.

    1. I never heard about how it helps with restless legs, but it helps me with just going to sleep.. big time. I’m at the point now where if I don’t get in the hot tub before bed, I regret it becuase its takes me forever to fall asleep.

  3. I live in Northern Virginia, so not far form you, and we also have the barefoot spas 77LM. We’ve been running it non stop for almost three years. One winter was a little higher, but the other two, the power bill only went up about $15 a month. In the summer or warmer months we figured it doesn’t cost much.

    I know this for sure because we got solar panels installed on our roof, and we had to figure all this out. Bottom line, the energy ratings vary, but barefoot spas are very energy efficient. About as good as it gets from what I’ve read, and from my personal experience.

  4. We haven’t figured the exact amount our bill has gone up, but we know it has gone up slightly. I would estimate between $20-30 a month in the winter which is right on par with what other people have posted here. I did a quick comparison to the summer months of years past, and there seems to not be much of an increase at all. I guess the heating process is what really consumes the energy, because in the summer months we rarely turn the heater on.

  5. Jonah, you asked “Are Barefoot Spas any good?”. Yes they are! We bought one used and it is 10 times better than the brand new spa we bought online.

  6. Thank you bradley. Thats what I was looking for. We are getting ready to pull the trigger on this hot tub and we just look for honest opinion. We like the barefoot model 77LM. Is this popular one? I read online the lounge lay down seat in a hot tub can make you float out of it when you turn the jets. Does that really happen? I keep getting mixed reviews…

  7. We have the barefoot 77lm. It has the lounge like you say. My wife floats a little but she doesn’t float out of it. I don’t float at all except my arms a little. It’s very relaxing. Maybe you could find a way to try one out?

  8. Re: Are barefoot spas any good?

    Yes, they are very good, but it depends on what you’re looking for. Barefoot spas are definitely a higher end spa, and they’re not cheap. If you are looking for a spa to just relax or entertain… like if its your first one, and you don’t have any physical ailments, to therapy needs, a cheaper one might just fit the bill too.

  9. I would never by a hot tub from wayfair or online at all. Hot tubs are one of those things you need to see in person don’t you think? Plus, how the heck would they ship it? I don’t want a 800 pound hot tub on my doorstep… thank you

  10. Are barefoot spas any good? Thats what Jonah’s post is about right? You guys got off topic!

    We want to get a new one. The hot tub we have came with the house and its falling apart. We don’t know anything about hot tubs or spas or barefoot spas…

  11. Hi Emily. I don’t think we were off topic at all! The questions was: Are barefoot spas any good? Sound like people are considering a cheap one like on wayfair or amazon. All I’m saying is yes, you get what you par for. If you want quality, you have to pay for quality like my wife and I did for our Barefoot Spa, and our Hot Spring spa before that. So, to answer the question. Yes, barefoot spas re really good!

    1. Yes. Everything I’ve read has barefoot spas highly rated. I’m happy about all that, and I want quality. Not too happy about the price though! Where did you buy yours and how much?

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