Barefoot spa 77LP jets P-series spa


Reviewed by: Bryan from Huntsville, AL
Rating: 5.0
Barefoot 77LP
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Barefoot Spas 77LP
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Barefoot spa 77LP jets P-series spa
My Barefoot spa 77LP jets are amazing. Let’s just start with that! The wife and I have had lots of the hot tubs or spas, or whatever you wanna call it. The barefoot spa we picked up is the nicest of them all, and what matters most? The JETS!!!

We got a total of 62 in ours I think. I counted, but I cant remember now. Anyhow, its a lot! Even still, number of jets don’t always mean a hot tub is better. The one we got rid of last year (piece of complete junk we bought online) had 100 jets. Those jets didn’t do squat! Weak massage times 100! We knew we took that risk when we ordered that damn thing online. We didn’t see it filled up with water, couldn’t put our hands on it. Never again!

We got the barefoot at a hot tub expo type of show. They gave us a deal we couldn’t pass up, so we went with it. This time, we knew the jets were good becuase they had it filled up and running there at the show with water and lookin all nice. I just about sprayed everybody when I put my hand on there like a pressure washer!

I guess if you don’t like a lot of massage or pressure or whatever, then it doesn’t matter, but for me and my old lady, we like it rough LOL 🙂

I don’t know about replacement jets. Was thinking to get a few more of those spinning type jets. They’re interchangeable; that means you can move them around and set them how you like. The wife likes the spinner kids on her feet… I mean she REALLy likes it. i went a head and paid the extra money to get the barefoot 77lp P series with all the foot jets and everything so I can keep her happy. You know what they say right? Happy feet, happy wife!

Anyway, we really do love this hot tub. I wish we had it for longer. I wish we didn’t waste money on other ones before, but I’m real happy we found it and we love it. Seems real well built, so we hope to hang on to it for a while. Hoping it’s gonna last a long time cause we don’t plan to move any from where we’re at. Even if I did up and move, I got a truck, and I’de figure a way to take this one with me!

Barefoot spas are real nice. The jets are killer nice especially the ones in the 77lp model type. Go and get you some! Cheers from Alabama, and happy hot tubin folks!

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6 Replies to “Barefoot spa 77LP jets P-series spa”

  1. Cheers from Tennessee! I’m looking for barefoot spa 77LP jets replacements. How many of those spinners do you have in yours? Whats the deal with ordering more?? Ever done that?

    1. My barefoot spa 77LP has 8 spinner jets total. I think there called spinner jets… not sure. They are the ones that spin around when water goes through. Spinners sounds about right! Why are you looking for new ones? Did yours break?

  2. Im also looking for spinner type of jets. Trying to figure out if they’re compatible, like if you can take a regular style jet out and replace it with a different style of the same size…

      1. *** Response from Barefoot Spas ***

        Correct. All of the jets in the barefoot spas 77LP, or any other model we manufacture for that matter, are interchangeable. They just have to be the right size. The 77LP comes with three jet sizes. 2″, 3″, and 4″. The amount of “spinners” depends on the year of manufacture. You can order spinners directly from us at anytime. We can ship them to you from our facility in Richmond, VA dependent upon availability of stock.

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