Therapeutic hot tub


Reviewed by: Manuel from Albany, NY
Rating: 5.0
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Therapeutic hot tub
We got the PL7 spa by barefoot spas. Got a great deal on it from the hot tub show when it was downtown Albany. The spa is very therapeutic beyond what we thought it would be. We got the hot tub to just relax, on the plus side, its helped both me and my wife reduce our aches and pains when we use it often. My wife even read it can help with sleep which makes sense because I’m always super relaxed when I get out after a long soak. I tested it out last night. I soaked for 20 minutes RIGHT before bed, and I was out like a light and stayed out until my alarm when off this morning! I haven’t gotten that kind of quality sleep in years! We already loved the value we got outa this spa, but now we know this trick for sleep, it’s truly amazing the use we’re getting out of it especially considering when we bought it, we had no idea we would get these sort of benefits!!

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