Used Barefoot Spa Model 57LP


Reviewed by: Matt from San Jose, CA
Rating: 4.5
Barefoot Spas Review
Barefoot Spas 57LP Review
Barefoot Spas 57LP
Used Barefoot Spa Model 57LP
Barefoot Spas
Barefoot Spas 57LP Reviews Barefoot Spas 57LP Review:
I bought my barefoot spas model 57LP used. It was 7 years old when I got it, and I’ve had it for 2 years. It has worked well. I paid $600 to have it moved professionally which was worth it because I don’t know how i would’ve gotten it lifted up my steps in the back. It is a great spa and holding up contrary to it’s age. Everything I read said not to buy a used hot tub, but if you do be sure it is quality. After reviewing the original warranty, I learned the barefoot spa warranty is very good. I got to see it running before I bought it, and I decided to make the purchase.

Owning a used hot tub has not come without its challenges however. Even still, all I’ve had to do is replace the pump motor. That was easy enough for me to do after consulting a few youtube videos. Actually more than a few. I’ve never worked on a hot tub, or anything like it for that matter. I had a guy look at it, and he said it would cost $2,000!!! Forget that! Youtube to the rescue. I contacted Barefoot spas, and they sent me the replacement pump at a discounted rate being that I am a barefoot spas owner. I didn’t tell them I am the second owner, but they did not ask. The spa was well out of warranty, so they didn’t pry on me about details. I guess they were happy to sell the part to me direct. I recommend going through Barefoot spas factory for the best deal on parts because it was about $40 less than what I found online for pricing.

I am very happy with the 57LP model barefoot spa and how things have worked out. I may need to replace some of the jets soon. They pop out from time to time. Is this normal? Regardless, I paid next to nothing for it, $600 to have it moved, and I replaced the pump for very cheap. Now I have a hot tub I love, and I didn’t break the bank. I saw online the MSRP for the new 57LP is $16,617. Glad I dodged that bullet!

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