Barefoot spas 77NM manual


Reviewed by: Charles from Townson, MD
Rating: 1.0
Barefoot Spas 77NM review
Barefoot spa 77NM hot tub
Barefoot Spas 77NM
Barefoot spa 77NM hot tub

Barefoot spas 77NM manual

Barefoot Spas is a well-known brand we found at the Maryland state fair. We were well taken care of when we bought the tub and when it was delivered. I looked up reviews before I made the decision to purchase and I felt good about what I read.

I hooked it up myself as I’ve worked with electrical and 220v in my career in HVAC. However, after getting it installed, we had issues. I did not receive an owners manual with the spa. They told me I had to print from the website. Then, they told me they would send one to me in the mail, and I did not receive it for over a week. I contacted by phone several times about the manual until finally they sent me one. I received it yesterday. The manual lacks detail..

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  1. Do you realize you just posted a “1 star review” about this entire company and your 77NM spa because you don’t like the owner’s manual? Just curious…

  2. I too wish the manual was more detailed, but my old hot tub had the same problem. The manual was more of a generic troubleshooting type thing.

    I don’t understand why you would write a horrible review over an owners manual. If you can’t figure out how to work a very user friendly hot tub and you’ve worked in HVAC, maybe you should reconsider your life choices? Or I should ask you this: How’s business LOL!

  3. I wrote a 1 star review because I’m not happy!! Im not looking for any wise ass comments, I just wanted to complain because I spent over 8k on a brand new hot tub, and the owners manual lacks important details! I can’t be the first one who has had this complaint! What if I want to disassemble the machine one day? Why can I not see any specifications on the assembly process? Am i just supposed to guess? Unbelievable!

  4. You want to disassemble it? Why? You shouldn’t have to do that. Look it up. Your barefoot is a portable spa. That means it is self contained. I doubt anyone would disagree with the fact that disassembling a spa would be a nightmare…

    How did yours get delivered? Thats the same way it would move to your next home if thats your plan. You don’t take it apart. I have a swim spa, and I cant imagine trying to do that. I don’t even think its possible.

    Back to my point, you wrote a 1 star review over this??? I guess it’s none of my business, but your post just grabbed my attention. Sounds like you didn’t buy what you wanted. They have inflatable hot tubs you can buy online…. maybe one of those would better fit your needs?

  5. I don’t want an inflatable hot tub. Thats the whole reason we bought a good spa. I really just want an owners manual. Seems crazy to me they don’t have one. I didn’t realize you can’t take these hot tubs apart. Anyway, I get your point. We like the 77nm even without the manual I guess. If I could change my review I would. The hot tub is actually quite nice.

  6. If you contact the website admin, you should be able to take your review down, or edit the content. I did the same thing once. I had to edit one of my posts. I would think you want to change your review. I don’t have the barefoot spa 77NM like you do, but if it’s anything like the quality of my Barefoot, I’m sure it doesn’t deserve a 1 star review!

  7. I contacted the website administrator, and they said I can’t take the review down. The best thing I can do is comment like this, or post another review.

    Summary: The barefoot 77nm hot tub is actually quite nice. I was frustrated about the manual and how it’s generic and lacks detail, but after reconsidering what I wrote, a 1 star review is not appropriate! I would’ve given at lest 4 stars if I did it again. I will right another review later once I’ve had the spa hooked up for a while, etc.

  8. Hooray for Charles! I feel you man… I know its hard to admit you were wrong or a little off. Especially when you’re getting in to an argument in an online forum. You did the right thing!

  9. Thank you. By the way, my friend just got his hot tub hooked up He got it from Home Depot. It is a POS! He’s having problems with it already, and he’s only been using it for a week. Anyway, makes me feel a lot happier about my barefoot spas 77NM!

    PS: His hot tub actually came with NO owners manual whatsoever!

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