Barefoot Spas 77NP from factory in Richmond


Reviewed by: Alan from Petersburg, VA
Rating: 4.5
Barefoot Spas
Barefoot Spas
Barefoot Spas 77NP
Barefoot Spas hot tub from factory

Barefoot Spas 77NP from factory in Richmond

Our Story

We did something we never did before. We went to a hot tub factory! That’s where we got our barefoot spas 77NP, and yes, we got to actually walk in to the factory and look at the assembly line, etc. They made us wear hard hats as we walked to the back near the assembly line. In addition to that, we had to sign a liability form. Mike was the guy that worked with us. He said the tour was optional, but we were both curious about how the hot tubs are made, so we decided to do it. It was really really cool to see it, and we loved the entire experience from start to finish!

Mike was great, and the tour of the facility was fascinating! So many parts, and processes, and a lot of workers too! Who would’ve thought? I guess you don’t know how complicated or intricate something is until you see the process of it being built, and sure enough, they are all made from scratch right here in Richmond, Virginia!

Where is the Barefoot Spas factory anyways?

We never knew this place existed until a friend of ours told us about it. I mean, I literally drive by it daily on my commute. It’s directly next to 1-95 just south of Richmond, but you can’t really see it because there’s a tree line. It’s on Fort Darling Rd. I posted a location below incase anyone else is looking for it like we were 🙂

Which Barefoot Spa did we buy?

We decided on the Barefoot Spas 77NP from factory to purchase. This model has NO lounger/lay down seat. We didn’t care for that in our old spa. Our old one was actually a barefoot spa as well, but it was very old, and came with our house.

In our 77NP, we like the filtration system, and the ozonator technology is a big difference now. As a result, you barely need to do anything to the water. It keeps crystal clear in there without having to do much.We like that part a lot!

Any complaints about Barefoot Spas?

The only complaint I have is not about the barefoot spas factory or the hot tub, but its about the actual design and layout of the tub. I just wish there was an easier way to get in and out becuase the steps are pretty low, and it’s hard for my wife to get her leg up and over the top rail… Hard for me too I admit, but we’re old farts, so who cares about us right? Just kidding, but yes, that is the only real complaint I have. To clarify, everything else about our hot tub, and Barefoot spas the company has been excellent.

We may look in to getting one of those access rails that attach to the siding to make it easier to get in and out. Anybody know where I can get one of those? I looked at a few websites, and they’re all sold out…

An added bonus!

In addition to all the things we love about it, our energy bill has actually gone down as well. The old tub we had was a real “gas hog” becuase it was over 20 years old. Therefore, the technology and the insulation was just not up to today’s standards. Subsequently, many other features were considered an upgrade, but the energy efficiency is something we noticed right out the gate.

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17 Replies to “Barefoot Spas 77NP from factory in Richmond”

  1. You managed to go to the actual barefoot spas factory? I’m curious becuase I went to a show once at the Richmond race way where there was workers form the factory, and they were selling hot tubs for cheap, but it wasn’t AT the factory, it was at the raceway. I keep waiting for them to do another show, and haven’t seen it going on in a long time. How did you manage to go to the factory? They told me the barefoot spas factory was not open to public and they didn’t have a showroom, etc.


      Hi Carl. You are correct. Like most manufacturers, we are not open to the public. It sounds like Alan visited the factory during one of our sales events. That is pretty much the only time we have our doors open to the public. Please remember, you have to make an appointment for that. Thank you so much!

        1. ***Barefoot Spas response***

          We usually start those up here at the barefoot spas factory late spring to early summer. However, we do not have an exact date set. Keep an eye out on our website for more info in the coming months. Thank you!

          1. I do not see bulletin on your website. I want to go to barefoot spas factory in Richmond, VA. Is only when you have show? How can I do it and find out when?

  2. ok so you did go to the actual facility? I guess the guy gave me the wrong information because he said it was closed to the public kinda like how you can’t just waltz in to a BMW factory. Thats what the car dealerships are for!

    When you toured the barefoot spa factory, did you have to make an appointment?

    1. Yes, it was an appointment. I asked about that. They said they started doing sales direct form the plant since a little while after COVID started. So maybe your guy WAS telling the truth?

            1. All Barefoot Spas are really nice. We went with the P-series which is the high end one, but there’s other barefoot spas that are just as nice. Depends on what youre looking for. Just go the barefoot spas factory, and ask for Mike. He’ll take care of you. Tell him Alan and Julia sent you 🙂

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