Loving our new hot tub


Reviewed by: Gabriel from Gaithersburg, MD
Rating: 5.0
Barefoot 77NP
Barefoot Spas Factory
Barefoot Spas 77NP
Barefoot 77NP

Loving our new hot tub
My next door neighbor has a hot tub and my wife and I have always been jealous. A few weeks ago, they invited us over to try it out, and at that point, we were sold! There was no denying it, we needed hot tub in our life!

The one they have is a barefoot spas too. It called the 88LM i think… We looked at a couple different brands before we decided to go with the same brand they have and we know we like. Ours is called the barefoot spas 77NP.

I love this hot tub for a lot of reasons. The size is perfect. we put it on our deck, and it fits perfectly there with just enough room for the steps and room to walk around all sides.

The other thing that really stands out for us is the water management system. Its called an ozonator. The system cleans the water with a gas like ozone, and it uses a UV light as a sterilizer as well. Point is, the management of the water is mostly done by the inner working sof the hot tub, and most importantly, NOT BY ME! I already have too many gadgets an toys that require maintenance, and Im relieved that the hot tub includes this feature.

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