88LM hot tub


Reviewed by: David from Troy, NY
Rating: 5.0
Barefoot Spas 88LM
88LM hot tub
Barefoot Spas 88LM
88LM hot tub
Barefoot Spas 88LM hot tub
88LM hot tub Barefoot Spas 88LM:

We bought my Barefoot spa 88LM hot tub a year ago. I like to shop around for things and really take my time, but with this I bought it really quick becuase the barefoot brand got recommended to me by my sister. I went to a hot tub show, and thats how I found the one we like the Barefoot spa 88LM hot tub

The install of the new hot tub was easy. The two guys pushed it around the back of the house to put it on the slab. Only problem we had was the electrical wires we had didn’t extend the long enough to hook it up to the tub. It always takes an extra trip to home depot!

The barefoot spa team members were really good. They all really nice and interest in helping me. Since having it all set up, it has given us something to do and feels great too. After a bike ride or the gym, I sit in there for about 30 minutes. Or sometimes just to relax. It feels amazing, and its worth it.

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