Barefoot spas warranty issue


Reviewed by: Tom from Nashville, TN
Rating: 1.5
Barefoot Spas 88lm hot tub review
barefoot spa 88lm hot tub
Barefoot Spas 88lm
Barefoot spas warranty issue
Barefoot Spas warranty issue
Barefoot warranty Barefoot Spas 88LM:

We’ve owned our barefoot spa for 3 years, and everything was fine until the barefoot spas warranty issue. What happened was mice got inside the spa and chewed on the wires. It was not a pretty sight, and it totally fried the two field mice, the circuit board, fuses and wire conduits along with it. I’m lucky the entire spa didn’t catch fire!

If you look at the situation technically, I get it, its my fault… technically! I unscrewed the panel to drain the spa, and when my son screwed it back in, he didn’t tighten the screws all the way. He left about an inch and a half gap on the bottom of the panel. Here’s my thing, it does not say anywhere in the owners manual OR in the warranty how tightly you are supposed to fasten the panels, AND this is something I’ve done regularly as it is the only way to drain the spa.

It’s incredible how small of a hole the mice needed to get in there. The gap was only about an inch and a half, but they managed to squeeze through! It is also incredible how barefoot spa warranty was not covered for ANYTHING or ANY of the repairs. I have been a good customer to this company. I have even referred business to them, but they wont even help me out with a couple fuses and a new circuit board? They want to charge me full price for these components. This is not the way I expected them to handle this, and I do expect better service being that I am a loyal customer, and have been for 3 years!

I wound up talking to a manager there, and every time I call, she still says there’s nothing she can do to get it covered under warranty. I am now in a ridiculous situation with a hot tub that doesn’t work, almost burnt to the ground, no where affordable to get parts, and every time I call to ask again, the customer service representatives at barefoot spas are short with me and rude. Thinking you can catch a break? think again if you’re dealing with Barefoot spas warranty work. They will not help you out, and all they keep doing is sending me to a recommended website where I can order the parts which is actually more expensive than buying the parts from their factory warehouse. On top of that, I’m looking at another chunk of money for the labor to get the spa fixed properly. They gave me a service tech to call in my area, and the prices are ridiculous, and so is this situation. Thanks barefoot spas for leaving me with no options, a hot tub that doesn’t work, and not affordable way to solve the problem.

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