Finally a hot tub we can enjoy


Reviewed by: Michael from Kettering, OH
Rating: 5.0
Barefoot Spas 88LM review
Barefoot spa 88LM hot tub
Barefoot Spas 88LM
Finally a hot tub we can enjoy
Barefoot spa 88LM hot tub
Barefoot 88LM Barefoot Spas 88LM:

We finally have a hot tub we can enjoy in the barefoot 88LM. It was a long road to get here. Last year I ordered a hot tub through Home Depot at a discount. From the VERY FIRST DAY, when the electrician hooked it up, he found a leak. After bouncing back and forth between Home depot and home and garden spas, I was able to get the leak repaired… 3 months later!!! Then there were more problems, the heater malfunctioned, and stopped working. This time they would not cover the repair under warranty. So, long story short, I wasted 6k on a complete POS hot tub, that I used for 2 months. The cost to fix the heater and other parts was close to 2k. What a disaster!

I ended up getting rid of it. Sold it for next to nothing, and did some hard research on a new DEPENDABLE hot tub brand. We decided to go with barefoot spas. We found them at a show near the convention center. We got a very nice discount on this one too, and actually ended up paying not that much more than the one we got a home depot. The 88LM is fantastic. We have had NO problems. The water feels amazing. We got an upgraded system that reduces chlorine usage. This spa also has close to twice as much power!

I am very happy with barefoot spas. While it is depressing to think of all the money we wasted going with a cheap hot tub at first, it is also relieving to know we have a dependable hot tub that we will be able to enjoy for years to come with no worries and no stress!

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