Happy with spa Barefoot spa 88LM


Reviewed by: Stephen from Albany, NY
Rating: 4.5
Barefoot Spas 88LM Review
Barefoot Spas 88LM Review
Barefoot Spas 88LM
Happy with spa
barefoot spas 88LM reviews
Barefoot Spas Reviews Barefoot Spas 88LM Review:
We’ve had our barefoot spa 88LM hot tub since January. The process of buying it went ok, and so did the installation. We enjoy the spa very much, and my wife and I both use it on a regular basis. The lounge seat is my favorite because we like to float, and get the jets on the legs and up and down my back.

The barefoot spa 88LM is a larger size and way bigger than the old one we had. This hot tub is VERY comfortable. We have people over every now and then, and the space is nice. Even when it’s just me an and my wife in there, it feels really great to be able to stretch out and what not. We got one with no water feature. We saw spas with the little water fall jet, but who cares about that right? It’s for relaxing not showing off. Same thing with the speakers. We have our own bluetooth surround sound rock speakers on the porch. Jimmy Buffett all the way Baby!! Next step is a tiki bar!!!

We got an awesome deal on the spa. I bought it at a spa hot tub blowout show. They handled the delivery and everything. Only thing we did was hook up the electric, and fill it up with water. I wish they gave me more than one filter. My wife found a good deal on Amazon for those. I got pretty upset when they told me I had to hook it up myself. I thought the set up was included, but I got my brother in-law to run the wires. No big deal. We had no issues with the tub so far as you can tell from my review here. At the show, my wife keeps going on and on about one of those swim spa endless swimming pool things. I’ve had success so far in “distracting” her with the hot tub for now. Wish me luck!

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3 Replies to “Happy with spa Barefoot spa 88LM”

  1. Is the barefoot spas 88LM bigger than the 77lm? I see it is bigger in outside dimensions, but is it a lot bigger on the inside? I’m just looking at pictures online and cant really tell. Thank you kindly…

  2. The barefoot spas 88lm has a lot of room it’s 8×8 in outside dimensions, and it really opens up the room on the inside. For example, my friend has a 7×7 size, and it is definitely smaller when you get more than 2 or 3 people in the hot tub. You can tell by the picture. Just look at the size of the space for the feet. In the 88LM there is way more foot room. We really like that part!

  3. Thanks for your help. What are the exact outside dimensions of barefoot 88LM? On the website it just says 8×8. Is it really that size or a little smaller?


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