88LP Barefoot Spa Purchase


Reviewed by: Chris from Spotsylvania, VA
Rating: 5.0
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88LP Review
Barefoot Spas 88LP
88LP Barefoot Spa Purchase
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Barefoot Spas 88LP Reviews Barefoot Spas 88LP Review:
I look forward to getting delivery of my new 88lp barefoot spa in the future as it’s state of the art and new. It’s a heck of an upgrade form my worn out junker I got when I bought my new house. I fixed that one up and gave it a go, but it keeps breaking. The barefoot I got has a pretty lengthy parts warranty, along with a load of other features I really like.

The main plus about the spa I really like is the power. When I did my research and looked up the power of spas, what I found was about the electrical connection. The 88lp runs on 220v and 50 amps. It will be installed on my back patio, and I would never EVER get a 110 electrical connection for a hot tub. I’m no electrician, but I was thinking that wouldn’t be efficient to do it that way. Turns out I was right. I read online about 110 volt hot tubs raise your power bill and have horrible energy ratings. My salesman confirmed it.

It was a no brainer to go with 220 volts, but that isn’t really what Im talking about when I say “power”. Let’s talk about what really matters, the power behind the jets! First off, it has 72 jets in it. This is a lot compared to the others I looked at. Also, what I read online says it’s not just a high jet count you should look for. You also want powerful pump motors because think about it. You can have all the jets in the world, but with no power to back it up, your dead in the water. You like my pun?

The 88LP barefoot spa has has THREE 5hp pumps in it for the jets. This is huge!! The other hot tubs I looked at had between two and three HP. When I bought it, I got to see the hot tub running before I bought it. I didn’t get in it because it was in a showroom and trust me, ain’t no body trying to see that!! I did stick my whole arm in there to feel the jets, and Holy cow!! That thing has major water pressure. Honestly, that’s the biggest reason I went with the barefoot 88LP.

Here I am writing a barefoot spas review and I haven’t even got it installed yet, but I’m really excited. Plus, my friend has a barefoot. She’s had it for 3 years, and she loves it. Only difference is mine’s a step up from hers!

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2 Replies to “88LP Barefoot Spa Purchase”

  1. I would like to write a review about Barefoot Spas, but I can t because my spa was delivered today missing a filter, and I cant fill it up or use it yet! I contacted Barefoot Spas and they are sending it to me via UPS from Virginia. I live in Ohio and it could be up to 3 days before I get it. This is unacceptable! I called the delivery driver and he said he does not have any extras with him in his truck. I don t believe him, and I do not like waiting for things especially after I spent this kind of money! I gave Barefoot Spas every chance to make this right, and now I m the one stuck waiting THREE DAYS for a filter!!! How is that fair???

  2. When you comment on a post on this website, it emails the original person (me), your comment. Sorry you’re having a hard time, but why do I need to hear about your missing filter? Maybe you should submit a complaint about barefoot spas if you’re that unhappy with the mistake??? I’m sure there are plenty of places where you can do that…

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