Barefoot spa chemical levels


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Barefoot Spas 88LP review
Barefoot spa chemical levels
Barefoot Spas 88LP
Barefoot spa chemical levels in 88LP hot tub

Barefoot spa chemical levels

I’m trying to adjust my barefoot spa chemical levels and I need help with it. It has a UV ozonator and generator. That much I know, but I don’t know what I’m doing, and this is my first hot tub. It’s the barefoot 88LP.

When I bought it, they told me I wouldn’t have to put chemicals in the water, or barely any because of the ozonator is so powerful. I still put some chlorine shock in there for safe keeping. Since I filled it up a few weeks ago, the water PH was low, but it got quickly adjusted to acceptable levels after about 24 hours. Since then, the PH and alkalinity have been consistent without any sort of PH up or down or anything like that. So did the ozonator do that?

I also read the ozonator is on all the time. Does this mean I don’t have to do anything? Is there some sort of required maintenance with that? I hope my wife is right, and Im just over thinking this, but I want to be sure because again, this is our first hot tub, and I never even heard of ozone water purification until I bought this spa.

I just don’t understand how much chlorine or bromide I’m supposed to put in. When I look online, everything says it depends on what kind of hot tub you have, how much you use it, etc. When I looked up the UV ozonator, some resources say you only have to shock it once a week, some say not at all, and this other one said it doesn’t matter if you have ozone, you still need to use full chlorine! I’m confused. What should I do? Any friendly advice would be much appreciated. Thank you.

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  1. Is there anything else you can share with me about your barefoot spa chemicals levels? I’m having the same problem. I don’t know how much to put in…

  2. Barefoot spa chemical levels depend on which ozonator system you have. The UV sterilizer and ozone generator is the best tone. Sounds like thats the one you have. You do not have to use a lot of chlorine. How much are you putting in? The balance of pH should be managed by the ozone as well. Thats what mine does. When it gets out of threshold, the system brings it back every time.

    1. always check the levels with a test strip. You gotta do it once a month or so. Mine has the ozone too, but sometimes it gets a little off and you have to put in some stuff 🙂


      We recommend following the exact detailed directions in the owners manual and on the actual Barefoot Spas first aid kit that came with your spa especially during first fill or subsequent drain and fills. We recommend following these directions regardless of whether or not you have a Barefoot Spas ozo system or which kind or which kind of ozone system your spa came with.

  3. It’s just me and my sister. We try not to pay money to have someone come out. How do tell if the tub has the ozonater? We do not have an owner manual or booklet. Is there a way to look it up online that you know of?

    1. remove the side panel; the one adjacent to the keypad, take a picture, and post it here. I’ll tell you if you’re spa has ozonator and what kind.

  4. You can look in there and see if you have it. Just take off the side where you see the keypad. If you have the ozonator, it would be there where you can see it. OR you could just call barefoot spas. I did that once about something else and they asked for the serial number off my paperwork from when I bought it.

  5. We purchased the ozonator as an upgrade. We had it special ordered. It was not supposed to come with the UV and ozone generator. The one that came stock was not as powerful. I know.. it’s confusing. I would just call. They will know by looking at your serial number. With barefoot spa chemical levels, you shouldn’t have to guess, but you definitely need to know what kind of ozonator you have.

  6. I called barefoot spas manufacturer and they looked it up for us. We got the same one with the UV light and all that, so Josh you were right. They sent me print out thing too about how to keep barefoot spa chemical levels, but its for a tub where you don’t have ozonator. Im still really confused. I have the good ozonator, so now what do I do? Thank you everybody for your help. We are a little lost here , and this is our first hot tub.

  7. So you verified you have the best ozone system, and you ask what to do now? The answer is simple…. nothing! The ozone is a full water management system completely built in to your spa. Aside from cleaning/changing your filter, the maintenance is simply non existent in the P series in terms of Barefoot spas chemical levels and water management.

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