Barefoot Spas 88LP highly recommended


Reviewed by: Roland from Waltham, MA
Rating: 5.0
Barefoot 88LP Review
Hot tub spa review
Barefoot Spas 88LP
Barefoot Spas 88LP

Barefoot Spas 88LP highly recommended

I bought a hot tub online on wayfair (regretfully) last year and it didn’t do the job. Not even close. There was not enough power in the hot tub the way it was built. There was also not enough jets, and it was really uncomfortable when sitting in it trying to relax. These are all very important things! It was our first hot tub, and we did get some use out of it, but we decided we were ready for a much needed upgrade.

We made the decision to spend the money on a Barefoot and make that upgrade happen. The difference between my Barefoot and the wayfair spa (I cant remember the name) is night and day! It was a major upgrade in every aspect. We have 70 something jets in our new one. The spa has 3 HUGE jet pumps, an ozonator that almost completely takes out the use of chlorine, and the best part, neck and shoulder massage! This was an upgrade for us compared to what we had. I shopped around quite a bit. After reading reviews on the barefoot spas 88LP, we decided to make the investment. It really is an amazing hot tub. We highly recommend for the reasons listed above which I will expand upon now.

Jet pumps:

The size of the jet pumps should be all you need to know here! We are literally blown away by the jet pressure. Compared to our first one with dual 2 hp pumps, a total of 15 hp is more than one step above (do the math).


Barefoot spas calls there ozone system “Ozo”. Apparently they have this patented. My wife researched it. I still don’t understand completely how it works, but the point is… It works! We hardly put any chemicals in the spa. We only use the box of chemicals they gave us on occasion, and we still have the original box from when we purchased it, so that should tell you something right there! When we drain and refill (Which we don’t do often), I put some shock in there.

Occasionally, I add some PH up as well, but that is really only when we first fill it. Once we get the water balanced, it for the most part stays that way. I’m fine with adding a little balancer, and even a small amount of chlorine shock from time to time. I’m not fine with having to take a shower when I get out like I did with my old one due to the excess of chlorine and other chemical residue on my skin. My wife actually stopped using it because she had a reaction on her skin in the form of a rash! No thank you. We dont miss that hot tub at all!!


In the 88LP, there is a seat designed specifically for neck and shoulder massage. This feature is absolutely incredible! I am 6’2″, and in my old hot tub, half of my body was sticking out. I had to slouch down to get the jets on my shoulders. Now, I sit in the corner seat, and the jets shoot directly down on the top of my shoulders and there is one jet for the back of my neck. I’m telling you, this feature is a must have if you deal with neck pain like I do. I constantly have tension there throughout the day, ad when I get in the spa, it is instant relief. I read about hot tubs for use as medical treatment. I never really bought in to it, and I don’t have any medical issues aside from every day stress, but I do have a decrease in the amount of tension in my neck now. It’s not only when I use the spa, but also the following day. I am now a TRUE BELIEVER in hot tub therapy. This is all thanks to the neck and shoulder massage in the 88LP!!! I wish I could rate higher than 5 stars!!!!

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      1. Yes, I did. It was a nightmare. My husband wanted to kill me. Customer service was horrible and it broke within the first few months. Absolutely ZERO warranty. Now ere looking at the barefoot spas 88LP. We hope to have better luck…

      2. With places like Carvana becoming more popular, I can see how some people would be tempted to buy a spa online. It’s becoming more acceptable, but still, there’s no getting around poor quality. I have the barefoot spa 88LP and poor quality would be the last words I would use to describe it. Best I’ve ever had, and I’ve owned 4 hot tubs!!!

    1. I heard those spas are garbage! Friend of mine got one from Costco. I think it was the same brand. He had problems with it since day one. He ended up giving it away. Solid way to waste 5k!

    1. All hot tubs keep the water hot all the time. whether its 220v, or 110v makes a difference however in how efficient the hot tub maintains water temp.

        1. We never figured out the exact energy rate increase, but one time my wife and I tried to figure it out, and we guessed it raised our monthly by about $25, but that was in February. The energy usage varies because hot tubs cost more to heat the water in the winter time compared to summer. So, yeah, it totally depends on what time of year too.

      1. *** Response from Barefoot Spas ***

        Hi Kevin,

        This is correct. We manufacture both 110v and 220v systems but the 110V does not boast the same energy savings as our 220 spas. The biggest variance in energy consumption between 110 and 220 can be seen in the winter months dependent upon where you climate and ambient temperature.

  1. I strongly recommend NOT getting the one from Wayfair! It was a complete piece of junk. We thought it would be good since it was our first hot tub. I guess we learned a lot, but that’s really all we got. 6 months, and 4k later we upgraded to the Barefoot spa 88LP which is an amazing hot tub. DO NOT go cheap even if it’s your first.

    About the energy usage. It was high. I never figured the exact amount. I learned when you have a 110 connection, the heater run all the time. It runs up your electric bill too. I’m guessing we paid around $100 a month extra to run that POS!

    Are you thinking about Barefoot? I can give you my salesman’s number. His name is Dan. He is really good, and he knows a lot about hot tubs. I talk to him all the time. I’ve already referred a few people to him. He has a connection with the barefoot spas factory, so he gets a really good deal wholesale. He’ll take care of you. Let me know!

  2. I heard bad things about wayfair hot tubs. Cheapest of cheap in quality. My brother got one on Amazon, and he said the same thing. He had nothing but problems. Personally, I say some things are good to get online, but a hot tub? Might be something you want to touch and feel first? Maybe I’m old school, but I wouldn’t buy a car without test driving it!

  3. Thank you. Yes, we have decided to NOT get a hot tub online form Wayfair. We did some more research about the quality and in particular, the components and warranty, and most of those are no good. We found one on there that looked good, but it was about the same price as the Barefoot Spa we saw at the hot tub show.

    We live in Harrisburg, PA, and Barefoot does not have a dealer here. Does anyone have experience with the Barefoot Spas warranty and how they service their tubs being that they do not have a store here?

  4. Hi Jesse. If you are thinking to get a barefoot spa in an area where there is no store, you are probably buying direct from there factory. Is that right? That is how we bought ours. The warranty is a manufacturer’s serviced warranty, so that means you have to call the factory if you need service. We had to do this only once, and it wasn’t too bad. We live in Georgia, and they sent out a local service tech close to us to work on the spa. It’s kind of like if you have a service issue with an appliance or something you bought from Lowes. You call the manufacturer not lowes. Same thing here. Just call them, and they’ll send out a tech for you. They took a little while to get back to me when I called them, but they did take care of us. It took a few days. Hope this helps, and I hope you like your barefoot. Did you get yours hooked up yet?

  5. Yes! We went with Barefoot spas 88LP, hooked it up, and its amazing! We love this hot tub!

    Maybe somebody can help us out with some maintenance questions. I haven’t tried calling barefoot spas yet, only talked to my salesman. Just want to get some advice from real people on how they handle a couple things. Not that my salesman’s not a real person, but you know what I’m saying… I want to talk to real barefoot spas owners like you guys, especially if you own the barefoot spas 88LP

    How often do you change the filter, and how often do you clean it?

    Also, when is the best time to drain it and refill with water?

    We use it about 4 times a week sometimes more.

  6. Hi Stephen,

    We also have the barefoot spas 88LP model P-series. Because ours has the antimicrobial shell, we only have to drain it once a year. What kind of shell or “surface” does yours have? What color is it?

    I think this statistic gets skewed because it depends on how much you use the spa. Rental property with high usage for example, drain and clean more. Someone who uses it once a week, drain and clean less… We are about where you are on usage. 3-4 times a week. I drain it once a year, but it depends on what kind of surface yours has…

  7. Whoever told you that is pulling your leg.. Every hot tub, just like everything else you own, has to be cleaned. I have the barefoot spas 88LP. The whole idea with the microban shell is you clean it LESS, but you definitely STILL HAVE TO CLEAN IT! If you don’t, it can become unhealthy for your skin!

  8. ok maybe thats what the rep told us. Once a years not all that bad. So, if you don’t have a barefoot spa 88LP or a barefoot in general with the special surface, how often you need to clean it out?

  9. The barefoot spas 88LP has the anti bacterial shell, but I’m not sure all barefoot spas lines come with it. I bet all of the top of the line P series do have it, but the other lines don’t come with that feature as stock, and you have to upgrade?

  10. When I bought my barefoot 88LP, the barefoot spas rep told me they all come with that shell. I don’t get what’s the big deal? Are people really that obsessed with maintenance? I hope this doesn’t cause a stir on this feed! (I’m sure it will) Seriously though, if this special surface really is special, than they would charge more for it. If it just came on all of them, they wouldn’t even talk about it. I know what Im talking about I work in sales all my life!

  11. Always drain your hot tub when dirty. I don’t care about the barefoot spas 88LP and the special shell, or any of that. I would just drain it often to be safe.

    1. We drain our barefoot spas 88LP once a year, but when I do it, I clean everything out too. Like all the plumbing and jets. I use a pipe cleanser I found on line. Works well.

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