Hot tub wiring connections for barefoot spa


Reviewed by: Joe from Pittsburgh, PA
Rating: 5.0
wiring connections barefoot spa 88LP
 barefoot spa wiring connections
Barefoot Spas 88LP
Barefoot Spas 88LP

Hot tub wiring connections for barefoot spa
The barefoot we got is called the 88LP. We used it for the first time last night. It’s incredible. Prior to owning this one, we had a small 110v hot tub that was nothing compared to this. The 88LP has 3 jet pumps, and 70 something jets. My old one had 8 jets and a 1hp motor! Life is good!

But the main reason I’m writing this review about barefoot spas is about how the installation went, and the barefoot spa wiring connections. At first, I tried to do it myself, and ended up getting in a little over my head! I’ve dealt with 200v before when I hooked up my HVAC unit, but the hot tub was a little different. Long story short, after I hooked it up, the breaker kept tripping. The spa would run for a few seconds, then it would cut off. After hours of troubleshooting, I gave up and called an electrician. He had the problem fixed in just a few minutes. My ground wire was not hooked up properly. That’s all it was!

The customer service for barefoot or the warranty department, whatever you want to call it at the factory helped out a lot. My guy decided to call the manufacturer before he did the repair. He had the warranty dept on speaker, and I could hear everything they said. Very good and very helpful in that department with the wiring of the barefoot spa. They sent me this barefoot spas wiring diagram for future reference. I told them I might move next year. It’s a good thing to have. When I hooked it up the first time, I just kinda figured it out.

I’m gonna try and upload the diagram incase anybody else reading this needs it for reference

barefoot spas wiring connections

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14 Replies to “Hot tub wiring connections for barefoot spa”

    1. The ground at the hot tub needs to be hooked up on the outside of the circuit board, Like on the exterior of the plastic casing of the control pack. I had it hooked on the inside… Simple fix

      1. So you don’t hook it to the inside? Why doesn’t it show that connection in the diagram? I changed the ground and now its all good. Before that it would trip the breaker over and over.

        1. It does show it in the barefoot spa wiring diagram. It’s labeled “ground”. Anyway, glad you figured it out, and yes, the breaker will trip sometimes if you don’t have the ground hooked in to the appropriate area.

          1. Thank you Joe. On the barefoot spa wiring digram, I thought the label of ground was referring to the junction box. Yes, I figured it out, but I was in over my head. Next time I will call an electrician for sure!

            1. I’m pretty savvy, and it took me a minute to figure it out too. The diagram they give you is a generic one for all hot tubs so it’s not very detailed.

          1. ***BAREFOOT SPAS RESPONSE***

            Hi Don! Yes, the diagram Joe posted is the same diagram that is in the Barefoot Spas Owner’s Manual. Please always make sure you certified electrician refers to the digram when connecting your new spa to your home.

    1. Im pretty sure this is the same for all hot tubs regardless of if it’s barefoot spas or not. It’s either 110V or 220V. There may be some slight variations in that voltage, and also the amperage. 220V should be 50 or 60 amps. 110V is always 20 amps.

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