What I love about my barefoot spa!


Reviewed by: Jenny from Pulaski, TN
Rating: 5.0
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Barefoot Spas 88LP
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What I love about my barefoot spa!

I got a lot I love about my Barefoot. Let me try and just talk about a few things on here for the review. First off, gotta give it 5 stars overall. I would give it 6 if I could. Anyway, here’s a few things I love about it that was unexpected. Like aside form the obvious stuff like it makes me feel great, and it looks really cool. That’s a given.

You adjust the pressure on the jets and the bubbles. There’s these knobs on the side that control the air flow to the jets. This is a really cool feature cause sometimes I like to just have water massage. Other times I like it more deep tissue type of deal. My old one didn’t have anything like this. Plus, no where NEAR the water pressure this thing has!

The amount of chemicals I have to put in there is next to nothing! This probably is the best part. I had that old one I bought used before and I must’ve spend $500 on chemicals and still never figured it out. I ended up giving that thing away. Somebody else’s problem now! But yeah, the barefoot spa chemical system is really easy. All I add is balancer, and some shock from time to time.

It has this ozonator thing and a UV light in there. Keeps the water crystal clear and clean. Its so nice not having to mess with all that! The barefoot spa salesman talked me in to adding this ozonator gadget. well he sort of included it. I dunno, but I know its expensive cause I googled it. Anyway, really glad I got that. I recommend to anyone looking at these spas to do the same! Don’t be cheap. I almost was, but soooo glad I got it!!!

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