We have barefoot 88lm spa and we love it


Reviewed by: Kyle from Parker, CO
Rating: 4.5
Barefoot Spas 88LM review
barefoot spa 88LM swim spa
Barefoot Spas 88LM
We have barefoot 88lm spa and we love it
Barefoot Spas 88LM review
Barefoot 88LM Barefoot Spas 88LM:

The installation of our hot tub, Barefoot 88lm spa went very well. Since set up, my wife and I enjoy it very much. It is the most relaxing thing we do. One thing I wish we had in ours was foot jets. Theres a couple jets for feet on the side where you lay back reclined, but none on the bottom. I do wish we got that feature for the other seats. None the less, the hot tub is great and in one way or another, every part of the back and legs gets a very strong massage once you do the whole circuit and try every seat. We also looked at the other one called 88NM. It was a little bigger, and didn’t have the lounge seat. We opted to go for the lounge to get at least some of the foot jets going on.

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