Barefoot spas part replacements


Reviewed by: Jessie from Clearwater, FL
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Barefoot Spas 88NP
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Barefoot spas part replacements
I’m an 9 year owner of 88NP barefoot spa. It’s been a pleasure owning this hot tub for going on 10 years. Trying to fix it up a bit, and do some part replacement, etc. I tried to replace the heater recently and could not find a compatible coil. I need Barefoot Spas help in resolving this issue. I am out of warranty but need assistance. Thank you.

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    1. No. I am out of warranty. The parts warranty for Barefoot Spas is only 5 years, but I’m not complaining. The parts and labor warranty on my old spa was only 2 years. I just need some advice on how to fix my issues, and where to get compatible parts for a 2012 Barefoot Spas 88NP. Thank you!


        Hi Jessie! Thank you for contacting us through this forum. You are correct. We offer a premium 5-year parts and labor warranty on all of our spas., so yes, that part of your warranty has expired.

        What issues are you having? More than just heating coil? I encourage you to go to the owner’s club section of our website where you can fill out a support ticket, and we can communicate all your options after we learn more about your situation.

        Bottom line; even though you are out of warranty, we still take care of our customers to our best ability, and we are a manufacturer, so we have plenty of parts on hand.

        Please contact us directly so we can walk you through the next steps in getting your issues resolved. Thank you for your business and valued feedback!

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