Barefoot spas problems: Hot tub drain


Reviewed by: Adam from Fort Mill, SC
Rating: 4.0
Barefoot Spas 88NP Review
Barefoot Spas 88NP Review
Hot tub drain problems
Barefoot Spas 88NP
Barefoot Spa 88NP
Barefoot Spas Problems with drain Barefoot Spas 88NP Review:
We have had a number of barefoot spas problems, but most of them have been minor and we’ve been able to figure them out on our own. I’m no professional either. I admit, I’ve tried fixing things around the house before and only ended up breaking them more, and causing more issues, but the hot tub has been relatively easy.

We’ve had the 88NP for a while and we really like it. Not a lot of barefoot spas problems. The only real issue I had in the past 5 years is the connection for the hose on the inside broke. I don’t know how long it was broke because I was using a sub pump, then that broke LOL. Anyway, need to get a new pump I guess, but the problem with the spigot is the knob doesn’t turn. I tried looking online to see if anyone had a problem like this and didn’t find anything. The part is out of warranty, so i called Barefoot Spas and they said they could get me the part but it would be expensive, plus I would need to hire someone to put it in. It will be more expensive than buying a new pump for $75 at harbor freight.

Anyway, to any one else reading this and having barefoot spas problems, don’t mess with the spigot. It’s worthless, just get a sub pump to get the water out come time to drain it. Plus, if you drain it with the spigot, it takes FOREVER! it took me about 2 hours the first time. The sub pump takes roughly 20-30 minutes. Solid investment, and I highly recommend it. When I called barefoot spas about the spigot, they said the new ones, they don’t even use that part anymore. I wonder why??

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    Hi Adam,

    We are sorry again that you are having trouble with your spa and your spigot. Yes, the manufacturer of the spigot used in your spa has discontinued the part. We had several issues with the knob not turning and also leaking. You have the right idea with the submersible pump. That is BY FAR the easiest and quickest way to drain.

    If you change your mind about replacing the spigot, we have a workaround from another plumbing manufacturer. The part is not expensive, and it is easy to install. Please contact us at our barefoot spas customer service line: (804) 298-3950 if you would like to have that part shipped to you. Thank you for your business and your feedback!


        Hi Justin,

        Unfortunately you are correct. There is no part available to replace it with. It has been discontinued by the manufacturer. Do you have a leak? If so, we recommend sealing off the area of the leak with silicon or other plumbing adhesive. Then, come time to drain your spa, use a submersible pump. Pumps are an excellent way to pump water out fast. They also do a better job of removing more water from the bottom of the spa unlike the drain that would leave a significant amount of excess water you would then need to bail out manually.

        1. Thank you for your help. I found a sub pump on sale at Harbor freight, and it worked great! Crazy how fast it pumps out the water now!!

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