Great Spa


Reviewed by: Natalie from Reading, PA
Rating: 5.0
Barefoot spas 88NP
88NP by barefoot spas
Barefoot Spa 88NP
After thorough research barefoot spas


Great Spa


We enjoy our barefoot spa often, usually once, but sometimes twice a day. The pandemic prompted us to move forward with our purchase becuase the jacuzzi we use at the gym has been removed from member access. It’s just been too long without that sort of relaxation and stress relief in our lives that we crave and miss.

We went ahead and ordered a barefoot. After waiting about 8 weeks as expected, our spa was delivered, and hooked up shortly after. Let me just tell you this, It was well worth the wait! Our hot tub is incredible!

We had a problem that was really quite trivial with our spa cover. It was resolved in a timely manner by the manufacturer thanks to some quality customer service and follow up with us after purchase. That is actually what prompted me to write this barefoot spas review. We did not intend to fix the issue with the cover, but they called and asked, I told them what was going on, and they insisted on helping to make it right. I have been very happy with the spa, and with the barefoot spas manufacturer customer service.

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