Impressive engineering build


Reviewed by: Doug from Manchester, NH
Rating: 5.0
spa by barefoot hot tub 77LP
Spa review 77LP
Barefoot Spas 77LP
Impressive engineering build
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barefoot spa Barefoot Spas 77LP:
What we like most about the barefoot spa is the ease of the chemicals we use. I researched the heck out of barefoot spas and the way they’re made and the way they work. Again, the biggest thing for us is the chemicals… or I should say lack there of?

The P-series 77LP by barefoot spas has the OZO system where it injects an ozone gas in the water to sanitize. It produces the ozone with a big generator thats built in to the components. The whole system is backed with a UV light for sterilization of the water. This compnent runs pretty much all the time as far as I can tell.

The really impressive thing is how the ozone gets in to the water. In my old hot tub (I had a master spa), the ozone would get in to the water though a little injector. Kind of like a mini jet down on the bottom. The difference with my Barefoot spa is the ozone is injected inline. So, it goes through all of the pipes and therefore comes out ALL of the jets. I see the ozone bubbles a lot coming out the foot jets on the bottom. I’m assuming this is by design? The ozone gas has a longer exposure to the water molecules this way? I haven’t figured that much out yet, but I will say that so far, I am very impressed with the way this product is engineered.

That’s not all, today I learned the bottom of the entire unit is sealed like a pan. Im guessing this is to keep moisture out, along with mice? Very Cool! and very thoughtful engineering. Just more proof that barefoot spas are well built and well engineered.

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