We purchased the 77LP barefoot spa with


Reviewed by: Isaac from Naperville, IL
Rating: 5.0
barefoot spas 77LP Pagani Platinum
77LP spa
Barefoot Spas Pagani Platinum – 77LP
Barefoot Spas Review

We purchased the 77LP barefoot spa with…
We purchased the 77LP barefoot spa with the Ozo UV light ozonator and sanitizer. The spa since purchase has been maintained according to directions, and it has done quite well in cleaning the water, and sanitizing as promised. My issue has not been with the mechanics of the spa or the ozonator, but with the effects these sort of components have on the lids/covers. Long story short, I am now on my third cover in just two years. Albeit, the first time I replaced it, we were on a budget and it was more of a band aid type of solution to the problem, I still thought a replacement cover would last longer than a year. Unfortunately that is not the case with ozone sanitizing systems. The ozone gas over time breaks down the vinyl and plastic materials in the cover, and the cover itself becomes water logged and extremely heavy. In fact, I broke my cover lifter just removing the cover. I replaced that just recently as well. The point is, no one mentioned to me ANYTHING about the long term challenges ozone heavy systems have on covers and their lifespan.

My latest replacement cover came with a price tag of $750. This is more than twice as much as I paid for previous replacement. It comes with moisture barriers, safety locks, ozone barrier, all sorts of other bells and whistles, and the promise that the cover will be “ozone friendly” for 5-7 years.

Hoping this investment will pay off this time! I will not be happy if I have to change the cover AGAIN after spending this sort of money because including the cover I got with the spa when I purchased it, the cost of replacing it twice, and replacing the lifter, I am up to $1,800 in cover costs in just a 2 year period! I know a 1 star review might seem kind of harsh, but it is deserved. I am not happy about having to spend this kind of money long after I already invested in the hot tub itself.

Once I get the cover, and expose it to the ozone gas for a long enough time, I will be able to tell if I’ve come up with the right solution to the problem, and I will post more info at that time. Wish me luck guys!

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