Barefoot is best hot tub we’ve owned


Reviewed by: Ed from Centennial, CO
Rating: 4.5
Barefoot Spas 77NP
Barefoot Spas
Barefoot Spas 77NP
Barefoot Spas 77NP reviews

Barefoot is best hot tub we’ve owned

I’ve owned a lot of hot tubs. My Barefoot spa 77NP is my favorite for the following reasons:

1. Low maintenance: I haven’t had to really do much at all! The ozonator in the hot tub is really powerful, and the chlorine use is minimal. This is big for me as a feature. Also, the seats stay clean. I got one with the special material where you don’t have to clean, and it works because I don’t have to clean it nearly as often as my old one.

2. Therapy: The therapy my wife and I get is really really good. The hot tub is on at full blast pretty much the whole time we’re in there. We missed a good massage because our first hot tub years ago had a lot of power. Since then, we haven’t had one with really good massage. This is our 4th hot tub. It does the job right!

3. We have our hot tub installed in doors. Well kinda. It’s in our sunroom. I love the set up. This isn’t really about the barefoot spa specifically, but the thing is, indoors is way easier to get in and out. I live where it gets pretty cold, and not having to worry about bundling up before we get in is really nice!

So there you have it. I rate my barefoot spa with 4.5 stars. Only reason I’m not doing 5 is because I’ve only owned my barefoot spa about a year and a half. Guess I’m pretty stingy with my stars lol. The real test will come with time. I had one that crapped out on me after 2 years. The others lasted longer, but for now, until I see it lasts a few years without issues, I’ll stick with my 4 and a half stars, and I’ll be excited to write another barefoot spa review with 5!

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28 Replies to “Barefoot is best hot tub we’ve owned”

  1. I am thinking buy used barefoot spa 77np like you have it. Is good deal, and we like, but has no seat where to lay down. You like with no lay down seat?

    1. Chris,
      You’re talking about whats called a lounge seat where you get therapy for your legs and you lay down in the water? I had that in the 2nd hot tub I owned (my barefoot spa is my 4th I’ve owned overall). I liked it, but my wife did not, so guess who won that battle??? I enjoy spas without lounges as well.

      Another thing I really like about the 77NP is it still has leg therapy jets, and it has a recliner, but it is upright and more like a bucket seat. AND it doesn’t take up half the spa seating with that design.

      I caution against buying used hot tubs. My brother had a bad experience buying used, but if you don’t mind the extra work and getting creative, than go for it! I will say if you found the Barefoot spas 77NP, you are looking at the right hot tub if you want quality. Why is seller selling it? I can’t see why anyone would sell it unless they are like me and they move around a lot for work long distances… Good luck!

  2. Chris, no offense, but I prefer not to share anything involving my financials on the internet.

    The cost of a hot tub, especially a barefoot spa depends on where you buy it. You buying used would of course be the cheapest. My brother bought a very similar one to mine (the same size and features just with a lounge seat), and he paid close to 15k.

    My situation was unique being that I bought direct from the manufacturer. Again, I’de like to keep that part discreet, but lets just put it this way, I didn’t pay 15k! I know you get what you pay for, and I had already been down the road of buying cheap hot tubs. Finally we got one that looks like it will last! As long at that 77NP your looking at looks good, I would jump on it!

  3. My husband bought me a Barefoot Spas 77NP at a hot tub blowout show 6 years ago. Still running strong. Only thing we did replaced was the lid. It has been a pleasure to own a hot tub spa

  4. Chris,

    I’ve already been through the same thing. There is no owner’s manual specifically for the model number. It is just a generic Barefoot Spas manual for the entire product line and all the series. You can find it on the barefoot spas website:

    I had a question about installation and I had to call them because it was’t in the manual or on the website. What problem are you having? Maybe we can help?

  5. We buy our filters and chemicals when we need them from this website:

    I saw cover lifters on there too. We didn’t get one though because our cover is pretty light. Even I can lift it!

    They have promo codes for barefoot spa customers. Just contact them and they’ll send you a code for a discount. Good luck!

  6. Get one with a good warranty so you don’t have to worry about things like this. You pay more, but its worth the sleep! I do not have the barefoot spas 77NP. We have a different model, but the warranty is all the same. 10 (structure), 7 (surface), 5 (parts).

    Here’s a link to the barefoot spas warranty:


  7. I cannot attest to the warranty because I have not had any problems to date with the 77NP. I’ve heard it is good warranty and american made. You are right about the terms of warranty. My manual says the same thing…

  8. Did you mean “Sams Club”? You said same club. LOL

    If it was from Sam’s, it wasn’t barefoot spa. You can’t buy name brand spas in those kind of stores.

  9. OMG… Yes, I meant Sam’s Club. Sorry about that. Ok, so if that’s true, the one they have is NOT a barefoot spa because I know for sure they got it form there. I guess that answers my question.

    Do you know how the service is for barefoot spas?

  10. I had to deal with barefoot spas service once because of a warranty issue. That went fine. I read about some people having a hard time with it, but most of what I read online is positive about the service. It’s just funny how so many people you can tell the exaggerate their problem, and it’s never their fault!!! This is why I could never work in customer service, I would just tell people straight forward they are wrong LOL!!!!

  11. we had to call barefoot about a warranty issue with the keypad. I remember being frustrated at first becuase there was no answer when I called. I guess its not like a big company that has customer service like verizon or others. Once they got back to me, they were stellar. my husband dealt with them, and he said they were pretty good. We got our keypad replaced. they came out the next day, and sent a service tech to put the new keypad in. Hope this helps.

  12. We have been really happy with barefoot spas and the customer service. They called us today just to say hello and follow up with us on our recent issue. I really appreciate things like that. Makes me know they care about their customers.

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