Barefoot spa after-sales service


Reviewed by: Logan from Anderson, IN
Rating: 4.5
Barefoot spa after-sales service
SS12 barefoot spa
Barefoot Spas SS12
SS12 after sales service

barefoot spa after-sales service

I run a roofing business. Going in to my 15th year, I’ve learned a lot about customer service and also service after the sale with my clients. When I bought this swim spa for my wife, the after-sales customer service for barefoot spas was a concern for me. I got persuaded in to making the decision nonetheless because we found a very good price on a 12 foot swim spa pool at a convention show.

I had high hopes of not having to really find out about the barefoot spas service side of things. I hoped to not have any problems, but sure enough, we did have a couple issues. One was with the delivery of the swim spa to my backyard. The other was with a leaking manifold in the plumbing.

The delivery problem was resolved quickly. I ended up stepping in to help. This was partially my fault because I didn’t realize you CANNOT put a swim spa on it’s side to maneuver it. Together, we came up with a solution. Junior, the delivery guy was really good, and a pleasure to work with.

The leak took a little while longer for them to get a tech out to my house, but once they sourced a service tech, the repair went smoothly. It was covered under warranty, and I paid no money out of pocket to get the defect in the plumbing repaired. I would have liked to see a little more of a prompt service call, but I really can’t complain because again, in the end, the issue was resolved to my satisfaction. I will also note that the two customer service agents I spoke with (at the barefoot spas factory), and the tech that came out, were on top of things and they definitely know what they’re doing.

So, there’s my review about barefoot spas after-sales service. Hope this helps anybody considering Barefoot, and reading some maybe not so favorable reviews online like I did. I went through the whole thing, and it all worked out fine. I’ll also add, I have not had any issues since then.

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6 Replies to “Barefoot spa after-sales service”

    1. My patio is enclosed with 4 foot high masonry work. The opening in the wall is 5 feet, so I thought we could squeeze it through by moving the swim spa on it’s side. The delivery guy said he could do it, but he wouldn’t be responsible for any damages that “might occur”. Decided against that and waited for my buddy came over with his tractor and forks. They moved it on PVC pipe all the way to the wall. Then we lifted it up and over. It pretty darn easy… with the machinery that is!

    1. On it’s side, 4 and a half feet, but they didn’t recommend doing it that way. I could tel the delivery guy was worried about damaging it. I really respected that because he could’ve just said, OK, and the damage would’ve been on me. The panels are pretty fragile turns out, and all the weight of the spa on its side would’ve for sure cracked the panels.

    2. We lifted it up and over the wall. If I had at least an 8 foot opening, we could’ve slid it through ground level not on it;s side, but the gate is only 5 feet. Nonetheless, we figure it out, and we used forks.

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