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Reviewed by: Ryan from Pittsburgh, PA
Rating: 4.0
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Barefoot Spas customer service
Barefoot Spas 57LP
Barefoot Spas Customer Service and Support
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Barefoot Spas 57LP Reviews Barefoot Spas 57LP Review:
I bought a Barefoot spa hot tub in July. They delivered it for me to my back patio where I had an electrician install. The spa was all pretty quick to set up. I did have two issues with the spa when I first hooked it up and wasn’t working properly, but a couple calls to barefoot spas customer service took care of it.

The first problem was with the cover. When the unloaded the cover, we noticed the cardboard box with the cover in it, was already opened. They assured me it was fine. Turns out, it was missing parts of the buckles where you clamp down the straps on the side. I called barefoot spas customer service and explained what happened. The made me take a picture of the cover (not sure why) and send it to them. I though it was going to be a long drawn out process, but they sent me tracking info same day on a shipment for my missing part. We can’t really argue against that because they did solve the problem quickly.

My second problem was with a leak!!! I came outside last week and to a puddle of water around the spa on my patio. When I removed the siding to look inside, I found a pool of water collected in the bottom too. It was dripping from behind one of the jets in the bottom seat. Again, I called, explained what happened, sent ANOTHER picture, and the next day they had a service guy out here to patch it up. They made me fill out a credit card form, but they never charged my credit card.

The hot tub has been amazing to own. My wife and I love it. We understand things like this happen. I will say that we are very glad we did not buy a used one. If we did, we would be stuck paying for these sort of repairs. So far, all problems I’ve come across have been covered under warranty, and the barefoot spas customer service has been relatively easy to work with.

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12 Replies to “Barefoot Spas customer service and support”

  1. They are pretty quick I guess. The first time I contacted barefoot spas customer service about the cover I got through to a person. The 2nd problem I had to leave a message and they got back to me later that day. Once I got the ball moving on that it got resolved pretty quickly. I googled it, and from what I understand, this sort of thing happens a lot with brand new hot tubs and leaks. Apparently, things get get banged up and come loose in shipping. Why do you ask? Have you not been able to get a hold of them? My reps name was Cindy I think…

  2. I advent tried calling barefoot spas customer service because my spa is used an out of warranty. Trying to fix it myself. I have small leak. Do you know how to fix that? It’s from the back of the jet on the inside of the panel.

  3. I fixed the problem. I did call barefoot spas customer service. Even though I’m out of warranty, they told me I would still need to get an authorized technician to work on it. However, I talked to a plumber friend of mine and came up with a DIY solution that works for now. Thank you!

  4. Barefoot spas customer service said they would have a tech out for us to fix the hot tub yesterday, and we still haven’t heard back. They said it would be 1-2 business days….

  5. They came out and got it fixed finally. It took about a week for them to get out here. I’m not complaining because it was covered under warranty, and wasn’t sure if they were gonna do it like that.

  6. Kevin, what broke in your spa? Barefoot spas customer service told me my leaking pipes are NOT covered under warranty. My spa is only 2 years-old! I’m still waiting to hear back fro the supervisor…

  7. My heater went out. It was faulty. They got it covered completely as it was no fault of mine and it was defective. I’m curious; what problem are you having with barefoot spas customer service where they won’t cover under warranty?

  8. More like what problem am I NOT having… The pipes are completely screwed up. I’ve got about 4 major leaks. Again, this spa is barely 2 years old! They tried to tell me the leak was my fault because I didn’t get all the water out the pipes. Can you believe that? There was barely any water in there when it got to freezing temps.


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