Completely Satisfied with 88LP


Reviewed by: Roger from Brentwood, TN
Rating: 5.0
Barefoot Spas 88LP Review
Barefoot Spas 88LP Review
Barefoot Spas 88LP
Completely Satisfied
Barefoot Spas 88LP reviews
Barefoot Spas Reviews Barefoot Spas 88lp Review:
We got a barefoot spas 88lp back in October of 2019. It has improved our quality of life in so many ways. It has doubled our “family time” we get when we use it. I have a family of 4; myself, my wife, and our two teenage daughters. For a change our daughters are looking at us and talking instead of staring at there phones!

Also I was amazed at how inexpensive it was to run! My electric bill only went up 15 bucks! I live in Tennessee, and the increase this past year was only in January and February. The warmer months of the year, I don’t see much of an increase, so thats nice. When we bought it, they taked a lot about the insulation being a reflective material that recycles the energy. I can tell you it works because my brother has a spa about the same size and he’s paying 5 times as much to run his.

Our salesman was Rick and he has been very helpful through the whole process. He followed up with us too after the sale which we thought was nice.

The delivery of the hot tub went pretty good. They put it right where we asked and no extra charge even though it was a little hard to get back behind my house and through my fence gate. They helped me move a few things around in my yard when they came out which I didn’t anticipate having to do. I was building an addition to my house at the time, and I have materials all over the place. They were very understanding and offered to help me which I thought was very nice of them. We are very happy with barefoot spas, and would recommend them especially our salesman Rick. Also, Junior and his helper did a great job on the delivery and set up.

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