Good customer service barefoot spas


Reviewed by: Isaac from Troy, MI
Rating: 4.0
SS12 Review
SS12 swim spa Review
Barefoot Spas SS12
Good customer service barefoot spas
Customer service barefoot spas
Barefoot Spas customer service Barefoot Spas SS12 Review:
We bought a swim spa in February and the installation and set up went well for us. The customer service barefoot spas provides was helpful at the time of sale, and also in some other things we had to deal with after the fact. My communication with their team has gone well so far.

Upon filling at set up, we had a small problem with the pump for the swim current not working. After a short window of panic, we were pleased to hear back from the customer service rep after we left a message. He got back to us within one hour, and he walked me through some troubleshooting over the phone for about 10 minutes. With his help, I was able to get the pump working without getting a repairman involved.

The problem was air bubbles stuck in the pump. He told me there was a few ways to get rid of the air. We tried the easiest way first, and it worked. All I had to do was keep hitting the pump 2 button over and over really fast. I must’ve done it 20 times. Then, I started to see little bubbles come up from the bottom. The pump made a bunch of grumpy noises, and eventually it stared moving water again. This was great because I didn’t wan to have to wait for a repairman. I also didn’t want to have to take the panel off myself. He said I would have to do that if the first way didn’t work.

They were very apologetic this happened, and also that they took almost an hour to get back to us. Apparently they are quite busy there. The rep I spoke with (I think his name was shawn) said he works at the Barefoot spa factory. He was very knowledgable, patient and informative. Aside from our issue at start up, we have been pleased with our Barefoot Spas swim spa.

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