Love our Barefoot Spa 57LB spa


Reviewed by: Jennifer from Timberville, VA
Rating: 5.0
Barefoot Spas 57LB Review
57LB Spa Review
Barefoot Spas 57LB
Love our Barefoot Spa 57LB spa
Barefoot Spa 57LB reviews
57LB Reviews Barefoot Spa 57LB Review:
The barefoot spa 57LB is a very nice, well made spa. It’s a small 2 person hot tub. Love the jet and seat arrangement. The spa fit perfect on the patio corner next to my table and chairs. We didn’t get steps because we didn’t think we needed them, but then we wound up buying some on Amazon. Even though the spa is small an low to the ground, I still needed an extra boos to get up and over the sides.

The 57lb spa is great for my back pain and leg pain. I use it at night and sometimes in the morning. The water stays nice and clean with little maintenance.

Delivery was smooth and easy. Needed to phone for help setting up, very helpful, quick and friendly. They even called us back to follow up. We are both very satisfied with purchase.

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