Reviewed by: Pattie from Owensboro, KY
Rating: 5.0
Barefoot Spas 88NP
Barefoot Spas Review:
We purchased the 88NP model barefoot spa after researching several brands and manufactures. Barefoot Spas manufactures in Virginia, in the USA. The company was also very generous in offering a Veteran’s discount, and was very open about their support of Veterans. Even our delivery people were open to sharing experiences with their personal service and pride in working for a company focused on Veterans, their families and US manufacturing. The spa is absolutely wonderful. The jets are easy to manipulate for strength, and the bubbles and lights are just amazing. The foot volcano is the probably one of my favorite features! It is DELIGHTFUL! Our spa first aid kit had/has everything we need to keep the spa looking good, and we have a lot of friends and family who enjoy it! Hoever, we don’t really do much in terms of adding chemicals becuase it has a high powered ozonator. We don’t have many days that it doesn’t get used. I’m also very pleased that when I’ve had questions my sales associate and the website response team have been very responsive. Our installation was quite extensive, so check with a professional electrician to be sure you are set for the size of spa you want (and you want a big one)! Thank you, Barefoot Spas.

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