Barefoot Spas FS11 Review


Reviewed by: George from Alexandria, VA
Rating: 5.0
Barefoot Spas FS11 review
barefoot spa FS11 hot tub
Barefoot Spas FS11
Barefoot Spas FS11 review

Barefoot Spas FS11 Review

We bought the barefoot spas fs11 hot tub earlier this year and we love it. This is a large one with seating for 9 people. We love the size. We did some entertaining over the 4th of July and it was a perfect size for my family and our guests. I have 3 kids; two of them are teenagers, and this hot tub has been great for bringing the family together.

I have owned a couple other hot tubs in the past and I wanted to do a quick comparison or at least tell you what I think about how this spa stands out fro the rest.

1) The Philtra system. This is what they call the filter water cleaning and the ozonator purification all combined as one system. I can’t remember how they explained it in the owners manual, but nonetheless, the performance is top notch. The water is purified constantly with an ozone gas and also a UV sterilizer. I still cant believe how well this works.

The other part that is nice is the filter skims the top of the water. This is different from the other two hot tubs I’ve owned that have a sort of door where the water goes in to a filter housing. With the barefoot spa fs11 and the philtra system, the filter intake actually floats with the water level. This part is key in removing some of the bad stuff from the water like body oils, sun tan lotion, etc because that stuff always floats to the top of the water. I’m telling you, this system is worth the money if you can upgrade to it. All I’ve had to do is clean the filter once every couple of weeks, and the hot tub basically cleans itself!

2) The chlorine and over all chemical usage is minimal with this system. I have had the spa running now for about 5 months, and the amount of chemicals I’ve had to add to the water is equivalent to the mount I added to my last hot tub in a two week period! The water stays clean and clear. This is a huge advantage. Checking the water constantly in my old one is not something I enjoyed. The worst part was getting ready to get in the spa, and the balance or other levels being off. It can be bad for your skin to get in hot water that is low or high in PH. I remember quite a few times being ready to use the hot tub, opening the cover to find the balance was off. Then you have to dose the water in balancer, and wait 30 minutes. Not fun, and often times I would end up not using it.

The convenience of the barefoot spas fs11 spa water always being close to perfect when I’m ready to use it, is worth every penny I paid for it. I could go on and on about other features, but the maintenance and the water chemistry involved with this hot tub and the way it was designed are by far the strongest of it’s features. Soon I will post some other fs11 reviews with some of the other things I like later, but for now, just remember, the philtra system is a must have, and a major upgrade to the usability, maintenance, and overall enjoyment of this hot tub.

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          1. *** Response from Barefoot Spas ***

            Yes, You can now buy our spas online! If you know the barefoot spas FS11 is the one you want, that would be a great option for you. We also do sales events in WV a few times a year, so you could always keep an ear open for one of those to come around as well.

  1. We bought the barefoot spas fs11 from a hot tub show at the Manasas fairgrounds. They’ve come back to that same spot a few times since. Not sure if maybe you can contact them?

    1. Barefoot spas is a company who sells factory direct. If you’re looking for the barefoot spas FS11 specific model, you might want to contact the factory. I believe they’re based in Virginia.

      1. Barefoot spas is based in Virginia just outside Richmond, but they do not only sell factory direct. They have product in retail stores and also online.

  2. A hot tub show? What in the world? You mean like a boat show or like a car show? Never heard of such a thing. I bought my hot tub at a pool and spa store, and the one before that too!

  3. Yeah its kind a like a boat show or a car show. The one I went to was for barefoot spas and it was factory direct, like the barefoot spas factory workers were there. Make sense?

  4. The barefoot spas FS11 hot tub is quite large, and thats exactly what we’re looking for. We plan to put one at our beach house next to the pool. We rent the house all the time, and figured a big one would be nice. How many people do you fit in the barefoot FS11 comfortably?

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