Barefoot Spas FS8 review and purchase


Reviewed by: Bobby from Arlington, TX
Rating: 5.0
Barefoot Spas FS8 review
Barefoot Spas FS8 review swim spa hot tub
Barefoot Spas FS8
barefoot spa FS8

Barefoot Spas FS8 review and purchase

My wife has a bad back. I have a bad knees; left replaced, right getting replaced in a few months. We are always limping around like old people… which we are! She was pushing me for years to get a pool. At first, I was in to it. The 120k price tag quickly changed my mind. Once we found the Barefoot Spas FS8, I made her dream come true.

Let me rewind a bit. First she wanted a pool. My wife liked the idea because she’s done water aerobics at the YMCA on and off for years, and she really benefited from that. Her only complaint however was the crowds at the gym. The classes would get overbooked, and even when she went during “off peak” times, it was still too crowded.

I would never consider a water aerobics class. First off, I hate crowds. I mean I don’t hate PEOPLE, I just don’t like when their in my personal space. ESPECIALLY when I’m trying to relax or work out… or both. Secondly, if one of my buddies from my golf club ever caught me in a water aerobics class, I would be doomed for life, and I would never hear the end of it!

I went to physical therapy classes when I got my knee replaced. The doctor had me submerged in water once my skin healed and it was unbelievable how much more progress I got from basic stretches and light strength training in the water.

Once my wife caught wind of that news, she started in on swim spas. She got me to go to a store once to look at one. Swim spas aren’t cheap either! Cheaper than a pool, but still… for the price tag of over 30k, I struggled to find a way to justify. I mean, thats how much I thought entire pools cost in the first place!

Finally, we went to the Barefoot spas pool and spa expo sale at the convention center. The manufacturer was there, and we met a few very good reps. We went to look at swim spas, but sure enough, found the prefect spa for us in the barefoot spas FS8.

The FS8 is like a hybrid between a hot tub, and a swim spa. Its basically like a really deep hot tub, and it sits on the same frame size as a larger sized hot tub. The FS8 measures at 90″ x 90″ x 50″. The power hook up is 220v like a hot tub. It holds 700 gallons of water, and it has two large pumps on the inside component area that power the water flow. LED lights and waterfall jets added to the appeal. There is also a stainless steel bar on one side that works great for stability, etc. The seats are in a horseshoe shape around the deeper area. With a total of 7 massage seats, there is plenty of room to not just workout, but also to relax.

Most importantly, the FS8 has room to exercise and pretty much do the same things I did in my PT classes. My wife of course, uses it non stop for her workouts in the mornings. I’m never up that early to see her, but I know she’s doing it. She’s lost a little weight. She loves the hot tub, and I can see it in her eyes. She’s happy. Not only with the spa, but with me or buying it. Even though it was really for both of us!

One last comment. I did not realize the side of the spa where you workout actually has resistance jets. I think thats what they’re called. Anyway, there’s a total of 5 large jets that crate a flow and extra resistance for a variety of different workout intensities. I didn’t even realize it had this until recently I started doing some water jogging! I know that might sound crazy, but I’ve been doing it, and it is wonderful for me.

My right knee still needs to be replaced, but I’m getting my strength back, and I have much more flexibility under the water just like at my PT classes. I also have far less inflammation from this sort of movement. I’m even playing better golf! I enjoyed long distance running for years. I could never get away with that sort of high impact at my older age and my knees, but now, I can do the next best thing… go for a run in the water!

You can even read articles about the efficiency of calorie burn and low impact workouts in under water exercise. It’s incredible. I’ve lost weight AND my pain has been reduced in my knee. My doctor says I can even delay my surgery. I don’t think I will though. The recovery for knee replacement is not easy. However, now that we have this machine, I can do a lot of the therapy at home. My doctor highly recommends the water physical therapy. He says this time, if I keep up the water PT at home, my recovery time can be reduced by almost half! If that means I can get back on the golf course by spring, you better believe I’m all over it!

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17 Replies to “Barefoot Spas FS8 review and purchase”

  1. bobby, I really appreciate this post. I am also getting my knees replaced soon. Have you ever tried doing the same sort of PT in a regular hot tub? I know the barefoot spas FS8 is deep. I’ve seen some pictures, but I;m trying to figure out if I can get away with doing the workouts, stetches, etc. in a traditional hot tub even if its more shallow. Can you help me out with some advice here? Sounds like we are going through the same sort of thing my friend… You are lady got one knee replaced? I’m going in for my first one. Water PT is all new to me!

      1. Yep! Just trying to see if theres some other types of exercises or physical therapy you can do in a regular hot tub (average depth). The barefoot spas FS8 is really deep like a swim spa, so you can stand in there and it really open up the amount of workouts and stretches you can do. Just curious if anyone else tried this sort of thing in a regular hot tub…

        1. *** Response from Barefoot Spas ***

          Hi Roger,

          The barefoot spas FS8 is unique in that it really is a hybrid hot tub/swim spa. It’s more like a hot tub with exercise functions. This design is extremely popular for those who want to exercise but DO NOT have any interest in “swimming exercises” Due to it’s size, the barefoot spas FS8 will not support an average swim stroke. However, the aerobic exercise potential for a product like this is endless. We also have a lot of people who use the FS8 for Physical therapy, etc.

          To answer your question, a “regular” hot tub with an average depth, WILL NOT be suitable for many workouts. There simply is not enough room to stand. However, we have heard some of our customers using our hot tubs with the regular depth for stretching and even light cardio because they want to take advantage of the power of water and the efficiency of a workout while in water. You just have to get creative 🙂 but why do that, just get an fs8 and start working out!!!

          An added bonus is it takes up approximately the same amount of space as a traditional hot tub only it is much deeper 🙂 🙂

  2. Hi Roger… Yep sounds like it! Knee replacement is no fun. I’m happy to help. You really need to get a deep one like a swim spa, or the barefoot FS8. Do you do swimming too? If not, you might want to think about just getting the same one I have. The barefoot FS8 is PREFECT for PT and for a lot of other workouts. I’ve started doing leg plank raises, and more running in the water now too. Feels great!

    That’s my advice… Just get the same one I have. You might be able to get away with doing some stretches in a normal shallow hot tub, but you won’t get the same exercise benefit as using a deep one like the barefoot spas FS8 or a full swim spa.

    1. I heard the barefoot spas FS8 is pretty cool, but I’ve never seen one. I might get one becuase I already have a hot tub, and my wife is looking for something to use for exercise. Where did you get yours?

          1. Yeah, I found em at the fairgrounds, but they do it all over. They come to Dallas area like 3 times a year I think. I also seen them advertise at the arena.

  3. Thanks Bobby. Yes, Im definitely trying to do some water PT. Everything I read says you make a lot of progress at the rehab center; trainers, best machines, etc. Then when you get home you just don’t progress much… Did you experience that? I think I will end up getting the barefoot spas FS8. I want to have the best motion and strength in my leg and knee after this surgery, and sounds like this is the best thing I can do to make that happen at home! What do you think?

  4. The barefoot spas FS8 is a heck of a machine. I am using it for PT like you are, but we also use it for much more! My husband treats himself with massage for his lower back pain. We warm up the water temp pretty high for that and he soaks for 20 minutes or so. His doctor recommended him to do it this way. It’s been a huge help for him. He’s always hated hot tubs for some reason… not anymore!

  5. Exactly! I wouldn’t consider my FS8 to be a swim spa obviously, becuase theres no room to swim. I mean, maybe for a small child. I also don’t call it JUST a hot tub either. When I bought it, the salesman kept calling it an “exercise spa”.

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