Barefoot Spas Hydrofit – FS8 Review


Reviewed by: John from Louisville, KY
Rating: 5.0
barefoot spas Hydrofit - FS8
hydrofit spa
Barefoot Spas Hydrofit – FS8
Barefoot Spas hydrofit fs8

Barefoot Spas Hydrofit – FS8
We love our spa. It is the barefoot spas hydrofit – fs8 model. It really is an amazing machine. We have had no problems with it aside form when we bought it there was a little confusion on the delivery time and process, but that wasn’t on barefoot spas. We bought it from a traveling show that sells hot tubs and swim spas. They did a great job in the end, but we did have a little hard time getting the spa exactly where we wanted it and when we wanted it.

In the end it was WELL worth it. Owning a product like this really opens up the capabilities we have as hot tub owners. The exercise part is really useful. It is a very effective design that focuses on aerobic exercises and strength training. All of this is done in the water. My wife especially enjoys her new style of working out. Its really fun too which helps. Lower impact running on the water, higher calorie burn with her cardio, the list goes on…

My primary focus has been on my back. What we liked so much about this product is the versatility and many uses it offers us. I use it to work out a little, but for me the massage chairs are the prize possession. It provides instant relief for my back aches; upper and lower, and it helps with just relaxing in general. The pain relief, release of muscle tension, and reducing inflammation in my joints are all a huge plus.

Again, we are very happy with this spa. It has a unique design that is really perfect for us. I always want to hear other people what they think if they own this same spa. Anyone else own this product with anything to share? My wife does her aerobics in there, but I’m curious of what other kinds of workouts are available. We realize she cant swim in it (she’s not that short LOL). She did find some videos on YouTube about new workouts to do, but it is just basic stuff. She’s getting to the point now where she can really turn it up and get going. Any feedback about this from other members of this forum would be much appreciated. Thank you!

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