I love my 77LM hot tub, but…


Reviewed by: Anna from Plymouth, IN
Rating: 3.0
77LM hot tub
Barefoot Spas 77LM Hot Tub
Barefoot Spas 77LM
I love my hot tub, but…
Barefoot Spas 77LM reviews
Barefoot Spas 77LM Reviews Barefoot Spas 77LM Review:
I absolutely love my 77LM hot tub but I do wish they had a tech come out and actually show me all the components. It was really confusing at first and still is. I had everything all ready to go and set up perfectly. Then, I needed to drain it and was looking for the valve, but found out I need to syphon the water out. Plus the panel is very hard to get off and on.

Why would you have a hot tub without a drain? How does that make sense? Is the 77LM hot tub the only one without a drain? Can someone tell me? I have no idea what I’m doing with this sort of thing. I read the instruction manual and nothing about these tasks are outlined there. I live alone, and never had to suck water through a hose before!! My friend showed me. I shouldn’t have to do this after I paid all that money!

The sides of it are impossible to get back on too. Wish I would’ve known about all this before I purchased. I cant get the little plastic things to line up, and the it’s really cumbersome to do. How hard should it be to put a side back on, its not even that heavy. Finally I got it to go in, but again, needed help. They should make it so you can do it by yourself. It shouldn’t be a two man (or 2 woman) job. I called my Dad to help. He lives close to me, and you know what he said? “You can do it, just don’t brake a nail” So sick of this!

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2 Replies to “I love my 77LM hot tub, but…”

  1. Hi Anna. Did you try reading the barefoot spas owner’s manual? The one I have, I got from their website. It is generic I think for all the different hot tubs they make, but it does have a list of components and how they work including the drain hose connection.

    My old hot tub had a special connector on the outside of the siding where I could screw in a hose and drain out the water. It broke after a year, so I bought a submersible pump. It’s an electric pump that has a waterproof cord, and a connection for your hose. You just drop it in the bottom of your filled spa, and it pumps the water out in like 15 minutes. I love mine! It’s a whole lot easier than waiting for the water to drain out the drain. When I did that with my old one, it took 2 hours to get all the water out!

    Anyway, you should be able to find a “sub” pump for around $60. Trust me, well worth it!

    Side note: The only time I’ve ever taken the siding off my barefoot spa is when I hooked up the electric (3 years ago). Since then, I’ve had no need to, especially with the use of my sub pump. Hope this helps!

  2. What kid of siding do you have on your Barefoot? Mine has little plastic bolts that snap in and out. It’s pretty easy. Only problem I had was my son bent a couple of the plastic snap bolts trying to put the panel back on because he didn’t take the time to line them up properly. I got them replaced. They were 20 cents a piece at Lowes.

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