Barefoot spa manufacturer expo show


Reviewed by: Henry from Charlotte, NC
Rating: 5.0
barefoot spas expo show
88LP - Alpina platinum
Barefoot Spas 88LP
Barefoot Spas 88LP

Barefoot spa manufacturer expo show
The Barefoot spas manufacturer was having a show like an expo where they had all their models out on a showroom floor. It was at the convention center downtown. My wife fell in love with the barefoot spas 88LP. When I look it up on the website, its called the barefoot spas Alpina Platinum. I guess it has two names. All I know is they kept calling it the 88LP when I was there, so thats what I’m going with! I really liked how the guy was explaining some things. It just made sense to do it, so we did. We had a little hard time deciding between the 7 foot square size, and the one we got which is 8 feet. Glad we went with the bigger one though. It’s nice being able to really stretch out in there!

Our patio is oversized (70’x90′ roughly) so we have enough space, and then some, for whatever we wanted. We decided against a pool too that same day, and I’m glad we did. Pools are high maintenance and this hot tub is not! The chemical reduction ozonator system with the UV package was a huge selling point for us. We use it a lot and rarely put chemicals. Really just a beautifully built machine. I had both my knees replaced, and she is recovering now from a back surgery. We need hot water therapy in our loves, and now we have it. We love our spa. Wouldn’t change thing!

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