Barefoot Spas Ozonator


Reviewed by: Charles from Lexington, VA
Rating: 5.0
Barefoot Spas ozonator review
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Barefoot Spas 77NP
Barefoot Spas Ozonator
Barefoot Spas ozonator
Barefoot hot tubs Barefoot Spas 77NP:

Me and my wife are experienced hot tub people, and the barefoot spas ozonator has been wonderful. We bought our 4th hot tub, barefoot spas model 77LP, in February of 2017. It was the first time we got the upgraded full occupancy ozonator system to sanitize the water. This feature is amazing, and a must have for anyone dealing with allergic reactions to chlorine, bromine or any chemicals used to sanitize or balance hot tub water.

We love how the water feels when the ozonator is on. It works great! We add a very small amount of chlorine to the water about once a month, and that’s it. I have gone 2 months without adding any chemicals, and the water still stays clear and clean.

The ozonator also balances the PH and Alkalinity perfectly with no intervention. I have drained the hot tub several times and refilled since we’ve owned it, and after fill up, I add one dose of PH up to help kickstart the oznoator for balancing. However, I’m willing to bet if I left the hot tub alone, and let the system do the work, it would eventually balance my tap water. I always wanted to try, but when I fill it, we are always anxious to get in, so add add the PH, and its good to go in minutes.

I tried disengaging the Barefoot Spas ozonator which you are not supposed to do, but I just wanted to see the difference between when it is running and cleaning the after, and when it is off. It was like night and day because without the system running the water was cloudy after every use, and the balance was off almost daily.

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