We have the 8 person


Reviewed by: Patricia from Scottsdale, AZ
Rating: 5.0
Barefoot spas FS11
Fs11 by barefoot spas
Barefoot Spa FS11
After thorough research barefoot spas


We have the 8 person


We have the 8 person hot tub. We really like it, and we use it often! Works great for my back pain and my husband’s knee replacement. The water purifier and UV sterilizer function is great and makes it very easy to take care of. We recommend that feature as an upgrade if they have it.

The hot tub is really big. Almost a little too much for just my husband and I. Still, we like the extra space, and when we entertain family and friends, the extra room is nice.

Only thing we wanted but did not get it is the water fountain jets that spray up in the air. My daughter got a hot tub too (not a barefoot), and it’s not as nice, but it does have the fountains. My grandkids love playing with those, and I they look really nice especially at night. When we ordered the spa, I didn’t think it was something we wanted, but it sure would be nice for the little ones. Oh well, too late now. Other than that, we are completely happy with our hot tub and we recommend barefoot hot tubs.

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