Barefoot Spas PB8 vs Sundance Spas Optima


Reviewed by: Mark from Nashville, TN
Rating: 4.5
Barefoot Spas PB8


Barefoot Spas PB8 vs Sundance Spas Optima

I want to do a comparison of my new Barefoot Spas P-Series PB8 to my old Sundance Optima. I don’t see many comparisons out there about different hot tubs, so I thought I would contribute.

I give the Barefoot Spas a slight edge with a rating of 4.5 stars. My old Optima I give 4.0 stars for the following reasons:

Jet pressure: While the sundance had a fair amount of pressure when the diverter valves were tweaked, the Barefoot proved to be more OVERALL pressure, and without the diverter valves (and extra plumbing), the PB8 has much more overall power with zoned pressure.

Foot massage: The volcano dome in the Barefoot spa PB8 is superb. It provides foot massage to every seat on the unit including a large jet that shoots directly upwards. Foot massage is a must have for me in a hot tub, and I share the opinion of many. The foot massage “dome” feature comes in the Optima as well, but it takes up too much of the footwell, and makes it hard to maneuver in the spa when changing seats. It also does not have as many jets air as much pressure as the Barefoot Spas Volcano dome foot massager.

Chemicals: My Sundance had a ozone system, but the “ozo” system in my Barefoot is far superior. With my sundance I had to supplement with a fair amount of chlorine and clarifier to keep the water clear. With my Barefoot the additives are minimal. I only add small amounts of chlorine about once every other month.

Price: The price I paid for the Sundance Optima was comparable to my new Barefoot Spa. The barefoot was actually about a thousand dollars less, but who’s counting?

Neck and shoulder Therapy: Sundance has this as well, but Baerfoot takes the advantage here because of, again, the jet pressure, and also the angle and adjustment of the shoulder jets. I carry more tension in at the top of my trapezious muscles (shoulder muscles). The sundance would not quite hit them because of the angle. My Barefoot shoots directly down on my shoulders from the top. It hits the spot just right. Also, the two neck and shoulder seats have different depsths. I fit in both, but one seat is much deeper which allows me to fit all the way under the jets to get the most therapy. The sundance lacked in this feature and I could never quite get all the way under the jets.

Comfort: Overall comfort goes to guess who? Barefoot! This is the most comfortable spa I’ve ever used. All seats in the spa are extremely comfortable. I am pretty big. 6’3” 220 lbs, and while the sundace was also comfy, I only really found about three seats that stood out for me. In the Barefoot, its hard to decide on a favorite seat, even for a big guy like me.

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