Not a positive experience


Reviewed by:William and Linda from Boone, NC
Rating: 2.0
Barefoot Spas PL7


Not a positive experience

Two friends of mine have Barefoot Spas, and they both really like it, so I decided to call them up and get one of my own. The spa is ok I guess, but I had major problems with the delivery of the thing. They told me they would get rid of my old hot tub, but they couldn’t get it out my sunroom. I ended up having to chop up my old one with a saws all. It was about a day long project between that and hauling of the pieces to the dump. I wasnt happy about having to do this, and was really hoping the delivery crew would do it for me. Worst part, The guys were from out of town, so by the time I got the old one outa here, I had to hire help to get the new one moved in to the spot. Not a positive experience. Again, the spa I bought has been pretty good, but I hate to say that this experience left me with an overall sour taste in my mouth about this company.

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