Can’t complain


Reviewed by: Gregory from Lima, OH
Rating: 5.0
Barefoot SS12
Review of barefoot spa
Barefoot Spas SS12
Review of barefoot spa hot tub

Can’t complain
I’m writing this review about barefoot spas with relief that we were not let down. We read good reviews, and decided to go with this swim spa. My very expensive old swim spa (I won’t name the brand) decided to give us trouble shortly after buying it brand new, and it never stopped fussing. In contrast, the barefoot spa swim spa brand is well built as far as I can tell, and seems quite durable. The materials used, and they craftsmanship all seem to be up to quality standards. The entire unit is backed with an extensive warranty as well, and I can see why now. I don’t forsee us having any issues any time soon with this swim spa.

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