Very happy with barefoot swim spa


Reviewed by: Britany from Jackson, TN
Rating: 4.5
Barefoot Spas SS12
Barefoot Spas swim spas
Barefoot Spas SS12
Very happy with barefoot swim spa
Barefoot Spas SS12 swim spa
barefoot spa Barefoot Spas SS12:

I bought my swim spa last August, and we’ve gotten a lot of use out of it. The barefoot spas SS12 swim spa is the name of it. At first, it was just me using it, and my husband sometimes. Then, my mother started using it, and now my kids use it when they’re home from college!

This swim spa has been a wonderful addition to our home in so many ways. We love how the hot tub seats feel on the lower back and upper shoulders. We love the space the spa provides. And of course, the swimming is out of this world fun!

I’ve gotten quite good at the swimming. I will say it took some getting used to. When I was a member at the Y, I swam every morning. It took a while to get used to the swim spa as a routine type of workout from home.

My husband installed some exterior lighting for me becuase I like to go out there early early morning before the sun comes up for a swim usually around 5am. Didn’t like it so much when I couldn’t see what I was doing. Plus the woods and trees were kinda creepy. Kept thinking about little critters staring at me LOL.

Anyway, I thought it would be nice if they had some kind of flood light or exterior lighting that came with it. The swim spa has the LED lights. They are really nice inside the spa, but they don’t help much in terms of seeing where the heck I’m going and not bumping in to things on my patio at 5am!

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