Where are the bad reviews for barefoot spas?


Reviewed by: Eddie from Livonia, MI
Rating: 5.0
Low maintenance spa SS12
swim spa SS12
Barefoot Spa SS12
Where are the bad reviews for barefoot spas?


Where are the bad reviews for barefoot spas?


I bought a swim spa recently. It’s a barefoot. I joined this forum becuase I cant figure out why there are no bad reviews for barefoot spas when I look online.

I CAN tell you the swim spa I bought, the barefoot spas SS12, is quite nice, but I don’t know about the rest of the products by this brand. Are they just as good?

Usually, when I look up reviews on a certain brand, or company, I can find good ones, bad ones, and really horrible ones too. I weigh the good with the ugly, and decide what to do, but with barefoot, there really isn’t a lot of ugly.

I read about a lady who became exceedingly upset with barefoot spas becuase they were out of stock of the hot tub steps she ordered. She had to wait a couple weeks for her steps. I’m sure that was inconvenient, but she wrote a 1 star review just for that.

I read another about a guy who couldn’t get a hold of the customer service the first time he called; he had to wait until the next day to get the help he needed; another 1 star review.

Neither instance was really awful feedback. I mean things like this happen. Lets not forget we are in the middle of an ongoing pandemic, and EVERYTHING in the the world has just simply been out of whack. Still, I wasn’t able to find anybody bashing this brand. When I look up other brands of hot tubs, and other brands of pretty much anything, I can find all sorts of negative reviews. Not with barefoot.

I’m just curious becuase I’m getting ready to refer this company to my boss, and the CEO of my company. I just started this job, and I want to make sure I do right with him. I don’t want to refer barefoot spas if there really are problems going on out there that I just haven’t heard of yet.. make sense?

All I know is, my swim spa is fantastic. My wife and I use it constantly. We love how it’s a hot tub, AND a swim spa all in one. We love how the water purifier works, and we also love that we got a tremendous deal at the sale we went to.

Does anyone else have recommendations, or rather, friendly advice for me on whether or not this brand really is legit? How is the warranty? How is customer service? Has anyone had problems? Thank you

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20 Replies to “Where are the bad reviews for barefoot spas?”

  1. Let me get this straight. You’re upset because you CAN’T find any bad reviews for barefoot spas? I mean I get what you’re saying, but did it ever occur to you that barefoot might just be a really good brand/company?

    1. It’s not that I’m upset. I’m happy! I just want to be sure everyone else really is happy too. I don’t refer people to a company with ease; especially when that person is my new boss!

        1. Yes! It is definitely good to not see bad 🙂 I just wonder where the bad barefoot spas review are? There’s got to be some somewhere!

          1. ***BAREFOOT SPAS RESPONSE***
            At Barefoot Spas, we hold our customer service experiences to the highest standard. As a result, you will not find a lot of bad reviews about us. In the event you do, please keep in mind, we sell tens of thousands of spas each year, and when we do have an unhappy customer, we do everything we can to resolve the situation. Thank you for your feedback!

  2. I didn’t find many bad reviews for barefoot spas either. Couple about damaged merchandise during shipping. Others about customer service. Typical for any company really…

    1. Thank you Angela! The thing is, I dint really see any “bad reviews” for barefoot spas. More good than bad for sure. I think people need to stop complaining so much and start enjoying life a little bit more! Don’t you think??

      1. I understand complaints of real problems, but like I said, I found some bad barefoot spas reviews, but they were all about trivial and minor issues. A hot tub is supposed to make people relax not complain about silly things that don’t really matter!

        1. We read a couple bad reviews for barefoot spas before we bought our hot tub, but saw a lot of good ones too. The bad ones were about customer service. I can’t really tell you about that, becuase we haven’t had to call customer service. No problems with the hot tub…

  3. I found some bad reviews for barefoot spas as well before I bought. A lot of them were about customer service, but I just received exemplary customer service from this company. I guess you can’t prevent people from complaining becuase complaining is just what people like to do!? I don’t know, but I found these days it’s best to sort of read between the lines when looking at reviews online becuase you’ll find bad reviews out there for every possible product or service!

    1. I did not see many bad reviews for barefoot spas. Mostly good ones. I’m sure barefoot spas is a good company and all, but also just think. It’s hard to complain while you’re completely relaxed in a hot tub right?

      1. My situation is a little different though. I’m a contractor and I’ve been referring clients to barefoot spas. You see what I’m saying? A few of them have moved forward, and they have their barefoot installed, and so far so good.. including my boss. So, I hope it stays that way!

      2. If the hot tub doesn’t work, I’m sure that could be a reason to complain to barefoot spas customer service! Isn’t that more of a warranty issue though? I’m assuming barefoot spas has some sort of manufacturer’s warranty right?

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