Our swim spa


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Roger from Brentwood, TN
Barefoot Spas SS13
Rating: 5.0
Barefoot Spas SS13 Review
Barefoot Spas SS13 Review
Barefoot Spas SS13
Our swim spa
barefoot spas SS13

We’ve had our barefoot spas SS13 swim spa since January. The process of buying it went ok, and so did the installation. We had it delivered to our backyard by Barefoot spas delivery driver. They had to get creative in getting it around my wife’s garden, and on the side of the house it is pretty tight, but to our surprise, they figured it out, and the giant spa was delivered unharmed.

We enjoy the swim spa very much. My wife and I both use it on a regular basis. She enjoys it especially because of the exercise features. She swims in there and does her water aerobics about 3 times a week. Im in it about the same. Safe to say we get our moneys worth out of it!

The lounge seat is my favorite. We did not see other swim spas with this feature and the Barefoot swim spa won the battle when we decided to purchase compared to other swim spas we saw around the same size and features. I’m really glad we went with the SS13 because, I knew I would like it, and turns out I really really enjoy relaxing in that seat. After a long days work, there is nothing better than just laying back, relaxing to a nice floating hot water massage!

The buoyancy of the seat is really quite nice. Not something I expected. The swim spa we used on our cruise did not have the lounge seat. (This is when we decided we wanted to get one.) The hot tub was separate from the swim spa. That part had a lounge, but it was really small. I’m not that tall, but I still didn’t fit, and It was really uncomfortable! I also didn’t get the buoyancy affect like I do from our swim spa. It’s not too much buoyancy and floating though. I got in a spa once, and I floated right out of the lounge. With this one, its perfect. You just relax and float just enough even with the jets on. I highly recommend getting a swim spa OR a hot tub with a lounge if you are looking at Barefoot spas lounge seats that is.

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  1. If you don’t mind me asking, how tall are you? and when you swim in the barefoot spa ss13, does your foot hit the lay down seat when you kick? I’m looking at the same one, but i read online you have to be careful with the chase lay down seat because it takes up room. I’m average height 5’10”. My wife will be the one using it all the time. She’s 5’7″. Thank you for your time…

  2. I understand. On our Barefoot spa SS13, we never had a problem with kicking the lounge seat. I am just under 6 feet, my wife is 5’7″. It took a while to get the hang of it to try and stay centered when swimming. My wife figured it out right away. Took a little longer for me. That was the only thing. Never hit the lounge seat though.

    1. *** Response from Barefoot Spas ***

      The barefoot spas SS13 swim spa is rated for people of all sizes, and recommended for swimmers up to the height of 6’4″.

  3. Thank you Roger! I have another question if that’s alright? I’m sure you’ll be helping more than just me by answering on barefoot spas forum. I read about the barefoot swim spas and how they use a state of the art ozonator. Does yours have that? Do you put a lot of chemicals in yours compared to a pool? We really like the sound of it. We just don’t understand how it works. Thank you in advance for your help!

  4. Yes, the SS13 has the ozonator. That was a big thing for us, and a main reason why we got it. I don’t know how much help I can be because I don’t really understand how it works. I do know there’s a generator in there that makes the “ozone”, and it purifies the water that way. It sanitizes the water and removes what they call biofilm which is basically organic material. YUCK! One thing I did not know about was it also balances the water. We’ve really enjoyed that part because we don’t have to keep pouring the balancer in there. You can find articles online about how hot tub ozone works too as Im sure this wasn’t much help.

      1. Yes the residue left over from the people in the spa once they get out is an organic material or bio film. I think bio film is more used to describe the build up of said organic material in the plumbing/filter etc.

        1. Bio film is really really gross! I helped a buddy of mine with his used hot tub. He had to clean out the pipes. Trust me it’s gross, and this is why I bought new not used!!!!

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