Reviewed by: Anna from Hendersonville, TN
Rating: 5.0
Barefoot Spas SS17 review
barefoot spa SS17 swim spa
Barefoot Spas SS17
Barefoot Spas SS17 review
Barefoot SS17 Barefoot Spas SS17:

We purchased the swim spa 3 years ago, and we’ve enjoyed it very much. The barefoot spas ss17 model. I use it often; about 3 times a week. We get good use from it throughout the entire year and that’s the part of owning a swim spa I love the most. The jets in the spa are amazing. I do a variety of different exercises including swimming and also water aerobics.

To this day, I have not had any issues with the swim spa. I do the regular maintenance which involves cleaning the filter, and changing the water from time to time. The swim spa has been a pleasure to own. We have installed on the back patio which we had extended by a contractor for more space. My barefoot swim spa is fantastic!

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