Really happy with barefoot spa warranty and product


Reviewed by: Lucas from Leland, NC
Rating: 5.0
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Barefoot Spas 57LP
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Really happy with barefoot spa warranty and product

Quality product and service, and great price. Our barefoot spa warranty work was completed in a reasonable amount of time and no money out of pocket for us to do the repair of the panel.

Me and my wife have been really happy with everything. We purchased the spa at a show with high expectations and the result has met our expectations and exceeded them. We love this hot tub. Our friend and neighbor bought a barefoot spa at a show like we did but years ago. hes the one who recommended barefoot. He’s had no problems. We haven’t either. We opted to get one with a lounge and foot massager jets. Far and away, the best options in one of these types of products. Loving it!

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